Marketing Mojo Gold Ticket Deal Until 28 Dec!

UPDATE: Our Early Bird Promo has ended but you can still get the Gold Ticket Promo – 4 tickets for RM300, valid until 28 Dec 2018.

After 28 Dec,  bundled tickets will not be sold any more and you will need to buy individual tickets for 2019’s Marketing Mojo sessions.

marketing mojo deal

Each year, we reward our clients and supporters with a deal. We don’t subscribe to the 11.11 craziness but we do want to let you in on a good deal when we have one.

We’re selling next year’s Marketing Mojo tickets in a Gold Ticket Promo bundle (until 28 December 2018) for only RM300.

For RM300, you get 4 tickets for all 4 sessions next year and your seat is assured, no matter how packed we get!

Tickets are transferable so if you can’t attend, you can pass the ticket to a friend! Pay it forward or pass it forward, as we say.

The event will be at China House Cafe, Beach Street, Penang (our cafe and venue partner for the past 6 years of organising Marketing Mojo).

In fact, China House is the top cafe in Penang and we are pleased to be working again with the team at China House Cafe!

What, When, Where?

Marketing Mojo is always on a Wednesday at China House Cafe, George Town, Penang and the event is from 2 pm to 6 pm at this artistic space called The Vic’s within China House Cafe.

  • 27 March 2019 (Wednesday)
  • 26 June 2019 (Wednesday)
  • 25 September 2019 (Wednesday)
  • 27 November 2019 (Wednesday)


marketing mojo redbox studio penang
Discussion of business and marketing strategies at Marketing Mojo at China House Cafe, George Town, Penang.

Be Quick, The Deal Ends 28 December

It’s such a good deal that a friend recently texted us and asked when our 2019 Marketing Mojo tickets go on sale! She said, “It’s such good value for money – learn marketing, connect with others and enjoy China House Cafe’s cakes and coffee!”

The bundle price is the same as what we offered last year because we want you to experience what Redbox Studio and Marketing Mojo is all about despite inflation costs!

Why Marketing Mojo?

Many entrepreneurs struggle because they don’t have a community of like-minded friends who regularly meet to discuss business strategies and marketing ideas.

entrepreneur community penang
Join this amazing entrepreneur community in Penang!

In Marketing Mojo, we keep the group small (we don’t go beyond 25 people) because we want you to get to know everyone.

Since 2012, our aim has been to create a business community based on abundance, generosity and helpfulness. We can only create a community if you commit to attending all 4 events next year.

What Nic teaches originate from our own experience – all 20 years of helping businesses with marketing.

Over the past 6 years, participants who come for Marketing Mojo regularly have made good friends and learnt and shared many business ideas with each other.

2019 will be our 7th year hosting this unique entrepreneur community in Penang!

The Place For Your Next Business Innovation

Marketing Mojo participants are in different industries. This is the unique proposition of Marketing Mojo – cross-industry solutions could be just what you need to innovate in your business!

As an aside, we attended an excellent leadership conference called NexPenang just last week where a Nanyang Business School professor, Prof Neo Boon Siong, explained the concept of business innovation. He said that the problem you have cannot be solved if you keep thinking of the same solutions coming from your industry. You can only solve it when you look outside of your industry!

What brilliant insight!

This is exactly what we’re trying to do with our Marketing Mojo – bring together people from various industries and experience so that you can benefit from the collective knowledge of 24 other people!

If you’ve been searching for a community of entrepreneurs who are optimistic and keen to help each other in business, grab our deal before it ends on 28 Dec 2018.



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