Where Is The Money?

Marketing Mojo concluded last week and as always, Nic and I look forward to meeting the entrepreneurs who turn up.

Granted, many are returnees meaning they’ve bought all 4 tickets for our 4 sessions of Marketing Mojo this year but a number of people who have heard about our marketing workshop and networking event will often join us. (Look out for our 4-ticket bundle special for 2019. We will only announce this via our newsletter so if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?)

marketing mojo penang
After Marketing Mojo – this is where more magic happens!

It is always fun to talk to entrepreneurs because they are excited about the business. And when they hear what Nic has to teach, they get even more intrigued and want to discuss further.

Last week, Nic taught our participants (whom we call Mojoers) the different types of customers available. Again, not many people understand this distinction. If you have played our Big Timer game, you would realize that there are premium customers as well as cheapskate customers!

Look into your own business. Who would you categorise as premium or cheapskate?

When we first talked about cheapskate customers, many business owners nodded knowingly. You would know these people from a mile off when you see them. They are usually people who don’t want to pay much for what you offer but would ask for everything – discounts, freebies and extras!

At last week’s Marketing Mojo, we had a special after-event session – not pre-planned but it usually happens because some business owners are eager to learn more.

Check out the video below of this after-party session where Nic talks about the big question: “Where is the money?” in your business.

Our final Marketing Mojo session happens on 28 November and do we have a bunch of surprises and gifts for you!

Plus we will be discussing an incredibly important topic –  getting visibility for your business – it’s one topic that we can definitely share lots about as we have practical strategies that you can use in your own business!

But remember to get your tickets fast as we close registration once we hit the number of participants we can fit into The Vic’s at China House Cafe.

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