Can Prospects Find Your Website Without Advertising?

As marketers, we subscribe to a lot of emails and newsletters.

One of them is from Facebook IQ.

Facebook IQ is for advertisers as it helps to give them insights about Facebook advertising.

To us, Facebook IQ is a persuasion channel to continue reminding us all that we need to advertise on Facebook.

But the insights are interesting despite the heavy slant on Facebook advertising.

Data that comes from verified sources like Facebook is credible.

See the areas that I’ve circled and underlined in red below.

acebook ads help increase online paid and organic search referrals Facebook IQ
Source: Facebook IQ


What does the data tell you about natural search?

Natural search is on the rise and in 2012, it was 34% and some 5 years later, this number has risen to 54%!

What this tells us is that people are searching more online naturally. And I bet you and I are part of this number.

And we expect quality search results to lead us to the websites we are looking for.

Natural search ranking is better because when your website is found naturally, your credibility is a whole lot higher than another person’s website that cannot be found at all!

When someone comes to your website by clicking a natural search result, that person is already a little hopeful about your business. After all, your website was found when she was searching!

So Should You Be Doing Facebook Advertising?

“In addition to driving additional site traffic through search, Facebook drove high-quality leads through search that then converted at high rates.” – an excerpt from the Facebook IQ article here.

And here’s the obvious truth – Facebook advertising works to drive people to your website!

Facebook, as we always say, is a pipeline that brings prospects and customers to your website.

We don’t discourage you from advertising on Facebook but we do discourage you if your website isn’t made for marketing. If your website is not ready for an onslaught of website visitors and customers, there is no point in advertising online, Facebook or even Google.

How would you know if your website is made for marketing? That’s why we wrote our book, Web Wisdom to help you understand the 3 questions you need to ask yourself before you get started on creating or designing your website.

Without understanding the mindset for marketing, your website is not going to help you get leads and it will not help you convert leads into customers. This is why most websites fail.

It is not only the web design or the web copywriting. It is also about how marketing is or isn’t built into your website. It is definitely about optimizing your website to attract search engines naturally.

Check out these articles of ours to help you optimise your website for findability – these are some of the SEO strategies we use to help our clients get found online naturally.

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Now that you know natural search is on the rise, ask yourself honestly: will prospects find your website when they’re searching for your business or product?

Here’s the kicker: if you do advertise on Facebook, what will prospects find or see when they land on your website? Will they buy or will they leave?

That, my friend, are the questions you need to ask.

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