Langkawi Hotel Website Case Study

a private villa with a swimming pool in langkawi
Villa Molek, Langkawi

Client: Villa Molek

The Challenge:

Villa Molek Langkawi has been our client since 2007. They started with us when they started their hotel business in Langkawi.

Their business has been growing steadily over the years in tandem with Langkawi’s popularity as a holiday destination.

As Villa Molek offers only 12 exclusive private villas hidden away on Pantai Tengah (a quieter stretch compared to Pantai Cenang), their website continues to be their strongest and most profitable marketing asset.

But it was time their old website had a brand new rethink and redesign.

One of the key things about a website is that you do need to regularly update not only the content but also the design as your business grows.

Even the technology of your website will get outdated. So the redesign of a website not only happens when you feel your website isn’t visually exciting but also when the website which is designed years ago on old coding needs to be replaced.

Many business owners don’t understand that technology does get old. Just look at your phone. How many times have you changed phones or updated its software because technology moves so quickly? The same goes for your website.

In fact, your website is far more important as sitting on old technology is dangerous. Your website can be hacked if you don’t pay attention. This happened to a non-government organisation – their technical team didn’t update or closely monitor their security settings and had their website hacked! They called us to help them and we rebuilt their website from ground zero.

The Solution:

Villa Molek had a few advantages based on the marketing strategy we had created for them years ago.

They were located in a quiet stretch away from Pantai Cenang called Pantai Tengah. They only had 12 villas for rent. And they only accepted adults (18 years and above) and no children were allowed. While they are not located directly on the famed Langkawi beach, they were just a few minutes walk away.

These advantages appealed to holidaymakers from abroad especially Europeans.

We maintained all these significant areas of interest within the website copywriting. Website copywriting is an essential element of any website and it plays an important role. Without copywriting, your website is just a collection of images.

For any holidaymaker who is doing research on good hotels in Langkawi, she would be interested to know more about the hotel she’s going to. This is where words come in. The facts presented in the right way (and not just a mere listing of facts as seen in most hotel websites) help persuade the holidaymaker to choose one hotel over another.

The website copywriting that we refined and polished for this website redesign also took into account search engine optimisation or SEO. While the words needed to persuade and convey the right mood to the holidaymaker in search of the perfect villa or hotel on Langkawi, the words also needed to attract Google! In this case, the copywriting needed to appeal to both – human readers and Google.

During the rewriting of the website content, we also removed any old information.

Besides the right words that put the holidaymaker at ease, another website redesign factor is the images. Over the years, Villa Molek had undergone changes especially in terms of the flora. Their trees, shrubs and plants were flourishing. Images taken years ago needed to be replaced with current images.

The importance of having authentic images helps you become more credible in the eyes of your customers. We undertook the effort to take images of Villa Molek by taking a trip to Langkawi in April and of course, meeting our client and talking about the changes and incorporating these changes into the redesigned website.

The Results:

Langkawi has hundreds of hotels so being able to stand out online and be persuasive and attractive when holidaymakers are searching for places to stay is a big plus point.

Villa Molek enjoys a much stronger advantage now with brand new images to reflect the true look and feel of its physical premises as well as from its strengthened content.

It was already a credible boutique hotel business in the past but the fresh and exciting new website gives them added confidence to attract even more European travellers.

When your website creates trust, it is much easier to persuade prospects to call or contact you or in the case of Villa Molek, to book a villa from their website.

The more they can attract holidaymakers who land directly on their own website and make bookings, the more profitable they become (as they do not need to rely on holiday websites like Agoda to market their hotel villas).

This is why every business needs a website. You can control what your prospects or customers see on your website. Your website is your own media and your best marketing asset. While Facebook does help, eventually you need to lead your prospects back to your website to book your service or buy your products.

If you don’t have a website or you rely too much on Facebook or external providers, you will never build a brand or presence for your business!

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