Turning Services Into Products

Marketing Mojo Penang

We’re back this 27 June 2018 with our 22nd edition of Marketing Mojo.

This time, we’re talking about turning services into products.

This would be good news for those of you who are right now in a service business.

What’s a service business?

It’s a business where you are providing or offering services. Example: web design is a service. So is consultancy where you provide advice or help. So is accountancy and book-keeping where you help business owners ensure their accounts are in tip-top shape.

In fact, many of us who are in business often start with offering services.

Especially if we transition into a business from our previous corporate jobs. We usually offer what we know and package this up into services that we know can be of help to our customers.

However, being a service provider also means you keep repeating yourself over and over. You may get different customers but the fundamentals are the same.

Is there a better way?

We know there is and that is why we’ll show you how in this coming edition of Marketing Mojo. Although we say it’s mainly for service providers, it’s also useful for businesses that offer products.

Service provider businesses must know how to transform what they know into tangible products which becomes another source of revenue.

Many a time, service providers never really take time to think of this aspect of their business. That’s why in a small group discussion like Marketing Mojo, you will be encouraged to understand and consider using this as one of the many business and marketing strategies for your own business.

So if you are in the service business and are curious how you can turn your existing business into one that’s product-focused, join us at our June event.

Buy your ticket (RM100) on this page.

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