Big Timer Club Programme Starts This Month

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We’ve had many requests to do this and finally, we’re opening a special programme for you to help you position yourself in the next 90 days!

The Big Timer Club is an intensive programme that runs from April (yes, this month) to June and Nic and I will personally coach and help you to get a specific business result based on core concepts that we’ve been using in our own business.

In the past 20 years of running a small business, we’ve learnt through a heck of a lot of trial and error. These are the things Nic teaches in Marketing Mojo each quarter.

But Marketing Mojo is a casual event for networking and discussions but we really can’t dive deep into what’s crucial and develop a game plan for each business owner who comes to us with a business challenge.

We have held off doing any business coaching classes or mastermind groups because we want to be really sure that entrepreneurs can benefit from our teachings.

But if a programme is to succeed, it needs to have accountability built into it from the very start.

Entrepreneurs are great at generating ideas and getting excited (that’s why they’re entrepreneurs) but they’re horrible at following through and sticking to their plans.

This is where our programme comes in.

We will help you craft a specific plan to help you position yourself in the marketplace in the next 90 days.

Without positioning, your business is lost. Without positioning, your business can’t be heard and isn’t unique even if it truly is a unique business.

Why 90 days? If you know you have a deadline, you will do the work. And yes, we expect that you will be actively participating.

Much of what we are sharing in the Big Timer Club is borne out of our own experience and of helping our current website clients.

What we have is a proven track record of getting results especially with custom-designed websites that sell. We also have our own business to show you what works.

Many people who claim to teach you about strategy and business don’t really have a business or track record. They have incredible claims but no proof.

We run our own business and we learnt everything from scratch. This is our 20th year. We also run our own e-commerce store so we can also tell you what works and what should be disregarded. We have also published our own book and organise our own events.

So we have a good idea how marketing works, offline and online.

And we have a bunch of strategies to share.

So if you want some help and you are willing to do the work, we can do something amazing together.

Check out the Big Timer Club special offer (deal ends this Sunday, 8 April):

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