[EVENT]: Marketing Mojo, 28 March – The Prospects & Clients Edition

marketing mojo penang

We are back!  Marketing Mojo (edition #21) happens this 28 March, 2pm to 6pm, at China House Cafe.

This time, we have 3 related topics that are crucial to your business.

We will be discussing filtering prospects, nurturing clients and what you must have on your website.

Did you know that you can use your website to filter prospects?

If you don’t filter prospects, you never know if you’re talking to someone who is genuinely interested in your products and services.

If you don’t filter prospects, you could be wasting precious time talking to people who may never buy.

And the best way to filter prospects is to use your website. We’re going to talk about how you can start doing this on your website.

This is an important part of marketing because it saves you time. Let your website do the filtering so you only talk to the people who are ready and able to buy from you. We’ll share examples of how this can be done.

And once someone is your client, what are you doing to nurture this person? What does it mean to nurture clients? What are some ways you can use to do so right now?

In our Big Timer game, we have a card called Nurture. And it’s easy to forget that we all need to nurture our current clients. They’re already our clients, right? They’ve already bought from you or are using your products. What else do you need to do?

Plenty more if you want them to buy from you or refer more business to you.

We’ll be discussing this at our Marketing Mojo this coming Wednesday.

It’s going to be an interesting exchange of ideas because many Mojoers are involved in different types of businesses and we will definitely hear lots of unique marketing strategies.

So if you want to join a group of excited entrepreneurs and business owners and get to know them while talking about real marketing, join us!

NOTE: We have 5 more tickets left as we had pre-sold our tickets in December.

Get tickets (RM100 each) at https://redboxstudio.com/marketing-mojo-meetup


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