What the New Facebook Changes Mean For Your Business

One way to make your posts meaningful is to engage your viewers enough that they interact by leaving comments.

News that Facebook has changed their algorithm to show less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media on your news feed has caused quite a stir in the digital marketing world.

Does this mean that your FB business page is no longer viable? Are any of your business related posts reaching your viewers? Is it even worth having a FB business page now?

Before you ‘close-shop’ on your FB pages lets first understand what the powers that be have classed as “public content”.

In his announcement in early January this year, Mark Zuckerberg stated that FB would begin to prioritize content from “friends, family and groups.”

In other words, you will be seeing more ‘personal’ posts by people on your Friends list.

And less advertising and marketing style posts! 

Your page organic reach will also decrease as FB tries to reclaim its original purpose as a social media platform to “help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us.”

That in itself does not spell the end of business marketing on FB as there are ways within these restrictions to still get your brand noticed.

1. Post Engaging Content

One way to make your posts meaningful is to engage your viewers enough that they interact by leaving comments. Ask questions, share on topics related to current events, as long as it gets people talking on your page you’re good. Don’t post anything inflammatory as this will only get your page shut down or barred.

2. Avoid soliciting comments and ‘Likes’

Nobody appreciates the desperation in taglines that read “Comment if you like xxx”. Besides FB are onto such spammy, “engagement-bait” tactics and will demote your posts.

3. Try Facebook Groups

With FB Groups you already have your target audience and community where you can share related content or discuss common issues.  Try creating one for your business (but without your specific brand name) or join existing groups that are relevant to your services.

4. Create Facebook Live Videos

The new algorithm shows a preference for live videos as it receives 6 times the interactions of normal videos. So jump on the ‘reality TV style’ bandwagon and schedule a few of these in over the course of the month.


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