UPDATE: Here’s Why Our Clients’ Websites Load Faster

We have been hosting all our Redbox Studio clients’ websites on our USA servers (Chicago, to be exact) for a long time now. But over the past few years, we realized that while USA servers were good, there was a problem.

What if the undersea cables are affected by a typhoon or some natural disaster? 

When undersea cables are affected, all our websites won’t be accessible. So we decided to help protect our clients against any such occurrence by moving all websites (yes, even ours) to American servers but, located in Singapore.

What are the advantages of this move? 

For one, you’d notice that your website loads so much faster! Why does faster load time matter? In today’s day and age, people get anxious if they need to wait for a website to load. So an instantly loaded website helps your customers and prospects access your website quicker. This in turn improves your website’s chances of ranking on Google Search. 

Also, if the undersea cables are damaged (again), your website will not be affected. A big hurray for this!

Second, and this is crucial – your website is now secured with SSL certificate via the server. There are two ways to know if your website is secured versus unsecured. Look for the padlock icon on your browser when you access a website or just preface the URL with https://yourwebsite.com

Securing your website is now more important than ever as this is an integral part of website security, especially these days when it’s easy for hackers to ruin your website. Website security is also a credibility badge for you if you run an ecommerce store or process transactions online. Your customers are more likely to trust your website when it is secured and prefaced with “https://”

This is why website management and maintenance is important. Many business owners who don’t upkeep their websites or servers will find that they are targets for spammers and hackers. Or sometimes, their websites load so slow that they turn off potential customers!


At Redbox Studio, our job is to help you keep your website running in tip-top condition so that you can focus on growing your business and profits. Check out our Premium and Budget packages that are designed to raise your marketing game.

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