7 Days 7 Ways to Improve Your Website Visibility


Business owners are wont to spend a lot of thought and ringgits on the aesthetics of their webpage.

But having a good-looking website is pointless if nobody is actually looking at it.

Google receives more than 5 billion search requests on average a day! That’s a lot of potential viewers you don’t want to be missing out on, and securing a spot on the first pages of a search engine is no easy task.

So how can you improve your website visibility online without stretching your limits?

To help you get started, we’ve compiled 7 simple, Google-recommended steps you can use to boost your website visibility within a week!

DAY 1: Update your business contact information on your website and online platforms.
The worst thing that could happen is someone wanting to make enquiries but your phone number/email address is not active or incorrect. First impressions last.

DAY 2: Set up professional profiles on LinkedIn, FB and Google+
Social media profiles often appear in search results. The objective is to ensure many ways for people to find you, so make sure your profiles are well branded and consistent.

DAY 3: Claim your Google My Business. Not only does it help with your SEO and ranking on search engines, it also prevents ‘poachers’ from using your GMB page to lure customers away.

DAY 4: Register your website with Google Search Console
This free service from Google allows you to submit your website for indexing on their ‘database’ which helps to drive more (relevant) searches to your page.

DAY 5: Improve your website speed
Did you know that site loading speed is a factor in Google rankings? Check with this tool and/or switch to a reliable hosting service providers. Use compressed images and minimise scripts where possible.

DAY 6: Schedule a variety of content on your FB & other social media platforms. Alternate between content from your website and other sources. Videos are a great attraction. The idea is to draw attention to your brand, NOT to make a sale. (Have you seen our 99 social media tips to help you power up your social media savviness?)

DAY 7: Engage with the people who react/respond to your social media content
You don’t have to get into a lengthy conversation, simple acknowledgements such as ‘Thank You for your comment’ or an FB reaction should suffice. But keep it genuine and avoid using cookie-cutter responses.


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