[MEDIA]: Nic Interviewed About His Book, Game & Website Clients’ Success Stories

Nic Sim Redbox Studio Web Wisdom Big Timer card game
Nic Sim’s Sin Chew Jit Poh newspaper feature about his book, game and web design business

Nic Sim was recently interviewed by Sin Chew Jit Poh, a Chinese medium newspaper about his book, game and website successes that he has helped clients with.

He honed in on two specific examples of clients who have had major success with their websites – KTL Air Conditioning and Penang Surgeon.

KTL Air Conditioning is now enjoying the results of a well-positioned and high-performance website. In fact, Mr Koay is enjoying increased visibility by being on the first page Google results without needing to pay for advertising.

This can only happen when your website is developed to attract search engines with well-researched and well-written content. Check out what Mr Koay says about his online results.

Another client featured in the interview is Dr Khoo Saye Thiam. He is a general surgeon in Penang (at Gleneagles Medical Centre) who decided to use a website to help him reach out to more people who need his surgical expertise. You can read about him in this case study.

Besides highlighting these clients, Nic also explained about his own products he created for Redbox Studio.

Two major ones for 2016 and this year was the creation of a card game to teach entrepreneurs about resources, leverage and focus called Big Timer.

He also co-authored a book for entrepreneurs called Web Wisdom (published in 2016) which shows what a high performing website must have in order to attract customers and sales.

We have been building these websites for 20 years so this book is one of the best ways to get the marketing strategies and principles that you can use to improve your own website.

Both Dr Khoo and Mr Koay are also featured in the book as case studies. We explain step-by-step how we used websites to position them strongly in the industry and ensured their websites are found organically on search engines. Their websites are definitely their most effective marketing platforms and consistently help them generate prospects and customers.

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