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Nic explaining how the game is played

We had a great session last Saturday at Kraffmen cafe when we played Big Timer Express.

Nic has 2 versions of the game he invented – a shorter version to help entrepreneurs understand the game and a longer version that takes a longer time to play and has more complexity.

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A few business coaches joined us too!

This round, we had business coaches in our group. It was a great way to help them see how they could use our game in their own business workshops or business coaching.

Our game lets participants understand what they should focus on when they’re running their business as well as what to do for their businesses.

The strength of this game is that it aims at sparking off conversations about what small business owners can do to run better businesses.

malaysian entrepreneur game
Big Timer Express is a 3-person game

One participant, Liz, said that although she isn’t currently in business, she could see how she needed to focus if she wanted to win this game.

Another participant, Poh Yoke, who first started off losing in the first round ended up winning in the second round once she realised what she had to do for her business.

The game is played by 3 people and takes up to 40 minutes particularly for the Big Timer Express version.

Nic created this game because he wanted entrepreneurs to know that the biggest and most limited resource we have is time.

It’s best if you’re in business but even if you’re not, this game will help you understand the business better.

If you’re interested, grab a ticket (RM50) and join the game! And seats are limited.

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