And The “Guess the Emoji Quiz” Winners Are…


Well, it looks like we have some emoji experts in our midst. It was easy but not THAT easy, still the clues were a big help. If you paid attention.

The answers to the emoji phrases we were looking for…

  1. Formula 1
  2. Happy Anniversary (told you this wasn’t going to be a piece of cake)
  3. One Mountain One Dragon
  4. China House Cafe
  5. Nic & Krista

Thank you to all who sent in your answers. It took a bit of brain-work and speed, so congratulations to:-

1st Prize – 2 x Big Timer Game tickets worth RM200 – Andrew Koay

2nd Prize – 1 x Marketing Mojo ticket worth RM75 – Steamen Loo

3rd Prize – 1 x copy of Web Wisdom worth RM60 – Gina Koay

We will be contacting you via email regarding collection of prizes. Till our next contest, stay sharp!

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