Debuting Big Timer Game at Marketing Mojo

big timer game penang

Big Timer was debuted at our 19th edition of Marketing Mojo Meetup two weeks ago at China House Cafe. It debuted to great reviews and lots of excitement!

At this Marketing Mojo, we also had 2 international guests – Hayley James from Australia who recently relocated to Penang under the MM2H programme and Zeynep Gabriali from Turkey who came for a visit and fell in love with Penang!

marketing mojo penang redbox
Dr Khoo, Elizabeth and Zeynep trying out Big Timer.


Every Marketing Mojo is different not just because the topics that Nic talks about are different but also our guests.

Of course, we have our regular attendees (people who have bought all the 4 sessions for the year) but we also have people who have heard about us or were recommended to attend our events.

big timer redbox game


Nic spoke about the need to create products at this session and he showed an example of our own Redbox Studio product – Big Timer Express game.

It’s a shorter version of our full-fledged Big Timer game so that entrepreneurs can learn the concepts faster.

The game was born some 4 years ago but Nic felt it needed more refinement after we held multiple game sessions of the first version.

Our beta players for the game gave us good feedback and we also observed that we needed to make the game simpler and faster to play.

The first version was brought back to the drawing board so to speak and Nic unravelled all the confusing parts.

meeting business people in Penang

We showed this game to some business coaches and trainers when we were in KL early this month and we had rave reviews.

They were interested to use this game in their workshops to help entrepreneurs understand the various aspects of a business as well as the currency that most of us don’t pay attention to – time.

When we debuted the express version at Marketing Mojo,  our guests loved the game!

Here’s what Zeynep said on her own Facebook page.

Zeynep Gabriali Marketing Mojo review


The insights and realization come after the game where we encouraged our guests to talk about why they won or why they lost. It made some guests play the game again!

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big timer game penang


If you want to play this game, sign up to be alerted when we organise the next game session in October. We have had lots of interest from business people as well as trainers and coaches. We’ll be keen to work with trainers so that they can add an element of fun in their training. So if you’re a trainer or a consultant, contact us!


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See you on 13 December!


Our final Marketing Mojo Meetup happens on 13 December (Wed), 3pm to 6pm at China House Cafe. 

To experience this unique gathering of business people that’s unlike anything in Penang, grab your ticket (RM75 including cakes, coffee and pastry) right here. 

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