Creating Products at Marketing Mojo 13 September

creating products marketing mojo
Creating products is THE topic for this coming 13 September (Wednesday) Marketing Mojo Meetup at China House Cafe, George Town.

This time, Nic will be sharing with you the concept of creating products, specifically encouraging you to think about creating your own products. 

Creating products is never discussed because no one realises how important it is!

But then again, very few entrepreneurs focus on creating products because everyone is focused on delivering services.

Trust us when we say this is the secret to your business longevity.

Creating products is exceptionally useful for entrepreneurs who are in the service business and would like to add a product dimension to their business offerings.

The benefit of having your own products is that you can serve more of your clients even if you’re not physically there.

Before we teach any of this stuff to you, we use ourselves as guinea pigs. So we test ideas on ourselves and our business.

So let’s take Redbox Studio as an example. We are a service business – after all, we design stellar websites for business owners – but we also have created our own products such as our book as well as our game.

Why would you want to create your own products?

First, it’s a fantastic way to add to your revenue.

Second, it gives clients multiple ways to get your expertise in ways that they prefer.

Third, you are in full control! If you retailed other people’s products, you must follow their rules. If the product is yours, you decide where to sell, when to sell and how to sell.

If you want to know what products are possible for your business, come for this 13 Sept Marketing Mojo!

As with all Marketing Mojos, we will have group brainstorming and discussions.

Many of our guests go home brimming with ideas and can’t wait to put them into action.

Our seats are limited because we have pre-sold our seats early this year. So hurry if you don’t want to be left out!

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