This Week’s Question: How Do I Price My Services?

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This week, a client asked us about pricing.

As you can see, we don’t only design websites. We also help clients with their marketing challenges. That’s the value-add that you get from our 19 years of experience running our own website design and marketing business.

Here’s her question:

“I’ve changed my pricing many times because sometimes I feel like it’s too high for local customers considering our current market sentiments and what they’re willing to pay. That said, sometimes I feel like I’m not charging as a professional when I display a low price. Any thoughts on what is the correct thing to do for pricing?”

Here’s our answer:

I believe as a professional you should charge what you are worth.

Pricing is always a tricky one because too low and you don’t make much and resent the client. Too high and you feel like you are not getting the clients you want.

Trust me, we’ve battled with this in the early years of our business too. Everyone said websites are RM2K only and why was ours so much more?

We tackled the problem by demonstrating that not only do we design websites, we also produce the content which most web designers never care about.

On top of that, we also build websites with keywords hence we build the website right from the start to be search engine friendly.

These are the valuable add-ons that no web designers we know provide.

Why? Because these add-ons are difficult to create and produce.

It’s difficult to write good content from nothing. We need to spend hours talking to a client and most of all, finding the right story to tell.

It’s difficult to research keywords because we’re exploring industries that are sometimes very niche.

It’s difficult to put all this together (content, design, SEO, positioning) to make a website that exudes credibility. And as you know, without credibility, a website can’t work. That’s why we wrote a book to help entrepreneurs understand this.

The idea is not to fixate too much on pricing though Malaysians always look at price as the first thing before deciding to do business.

The danger of dangling price in front of your prospect or customer is that once they get used to low prices, do you think they’ll pay regular rates?

It’s like those deal sites. Once you get used to discounts and super low pricing, you’d never pay regular rates. Deal sites programme people to look for “deals” which usually means the cheapest provider because no one is focused on offering value.

The way I see it, you may not wish to drop your pricing BUT you may want to be clear with new clients/prospects that you offer other value-add services i.e. proofreading, quicker turnaround without costly charges, no charges even if you’re asked to do more than 1 revision of your translation. (She is a translator by the way.)

Focus them on these value add-ons. Or you may ask to look at the document first and then give a lump sum price instead of a per word price. For translation, it’s always word count but if you could re-focus prospects on what you offer on top of translation, that would help a lot.

I would also suggest that you keep a few case studies of how you solved problems for your clients.

Use this to demonstrate to the prospect how you’ve helped these clients in your own unique way. You can link to their testimonials on your website at the end of your email.

As you can see, business is always about marketing. Marketing is about educating prospects on why you’re the best person to work with.

The other way is to reflect, how did previous clients come to you?

You already have clients and your task is to uncover what ways these clients have come to you or found their way to you. Then start researching for similar types of clients. Email and introduce yourself and what you do with a link to check out your website at the end. It’s really about creating awareness that your business exists and that you are of service if they need you. They may not need you now or right away BUT if you email the correct people, they may need your services one day.

Just keep bringing people back to your website first because you want them to familiarise themselves with your services and why you’re unique.

You’re creating awareness at this stage.

And of course, you have Redbox Studio. What you’re getting isn’t just a website, you’re getting mentorship and lessons in marketing. That’s OUR value-add to all our premium clients on top of what we already do.

Cheers, Krista

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