14 Great Reasons to Green Your Office

two green plants in pots
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Happy World Environment Day!

If you own a business, did you know that you should bring more of Nature into your office?

Because employees in offices with windows and plants were happier and more satisfied than those without.

In our office, we have 7 potted plants of various types (chlorophytums, lady palms, pothos and more). Not only does having leafy plants make the office bright and inviting, the plants really do make us healthier by detoxifying our office air.

(Plus we also have our salt lamp to imbue negative ions into the air to counteract the positive ions from our computers! Negative ions aren’t really negative – they’re good for us!)

Plus we have windows on two sides of the walls so we can appreciate the outdoor immensely. It helps that we face the vast green campus of USM which of course has lots of old trees, shrubs and grass.

I’ve always wondered why some offices are so dank and depressing. Now I know why. Either they don’t have plants or they use fake plants!

Here’s more reason to have plants in your office (if you’re already not convinced that having live plants are great for you, your health or your staff’s health):

* plants help clean air emitted by modern office equipment such as computers and photocopiers
* plants help make employees healthier by curing itchy eyes, headaches and nausea
* plants boost work productivity
* plants are attractive and soothing thus reducing stress
* plants help create a positive company image
* plants reduce carbon dioxide levels
* plants absorb noise and cut down distractions in the office (the office is more tranquil)
* plants keep air temperature low (which means it’s cooler)
* plants cut down sick leave expenses
* plants boost moisture levels and keep office air comfortable
* plants cut down dust levels
* plants enhance creativity
* plants help shoppers buy more (great for malls and retail outlets)
* plants help you learn better

Now that you know plants are a must-have for the office, which plants are best? Here’s a resource which helps you choose the top 10 plants for your office.

Most websites recommend Dwarf date palm (very useful for removing toxins), Bamboo palm, Janet Craig, English ivy, Weeping fig, Peace lily, Areca palm, Corn plant, Lady palm (good but not the best at removing toxins).

What plants do you have in your office? Do share! 

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve always believed in the power of plants, especially at work.

    I you don’t mind I used your picture and put a link towards your website. Thank you.

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    Una idea

    • HI Una idea – Thanks for coming by. I saw the post on your blog. Had to use Google Translate to understand what you were writing about. 😉


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