10 Website Sins You Can Do Without!

website sins
You have a website, so do others. But what makes other people’s websites so enticing and yours, so, well, boring?

Maybe it’s time you took a long, hard look at your website and see if they fall into the dreaded *gasp* website sins! And if you spot some problems, get them fixed quick!

1. Not Telling Them Who You Are
It’s enough that the Internet makes us all faceless and identity-less. But it’s human that people want to know about you when they come to your website. Who are you? What do you do?

The biggest sin is not telling them who you are. If you are selling them a service or a product, that is even worse. Why would you buy from someone you don’t know? Have you realised that most successful Internet marketers have their photos right on the main web page itself?

The people factor is important. Describe yourself, what you’ve done, what you’re hoping to do because lots of people would love to know whom they’re buying from! To see an example of this, have a look at our About Us page.

2. Too Much Fluff & Nothing Else
Ever been to websites where you were wowed out of your eyeballs with the fantastic animation but once you got into the website, you found yourself lost and confused? You probably felt it was too much fluff and not much substance.

Would you go back again? No? Then don’t make the same mistake.

The key to enticing your visitors is to offer them solid content. How do you know if the content is interesting? Ask yourself, what would you look for if you were a visitor to the site? Update your website constantly. Keep it fresh with substantial content.

3. What Do You Want Them To Do?
Imagine yourself a visitor. Once you reach your website, is the purpose clear? What do you want the visitor to do? Read your content? Download your e-books? Subscribe to your free newsletter?

Let your visitor know what you need them to do. Make it specific and make it clear. Nothing can be as frustrating as getting the visitors but not making the sale or at least turning them into prospects.

4. Don’t Stuff Everything
Make it easy for your visitor to explore your website. White space on the website is not wasted space; in fact, it can be ‘breathing’ space so that your website won’t look or feel cluttered. In fact, white space can reflect sophistication.

Don’t try to maximise every inch of web space because that would only leave your visitor confused. Categorise your content and show only the most important thing on your main page. Everything else can go into the subsequent pages.

5. Grab Their Emails
Do you ask for your visitors’ email when they arrive at your website? Give them an incentive to sign up (or opt-in) for your updates and information. You could offer them a free report if they sign up.

If you say you’ll update them, stick to your word. Update them. If you have nothing to inform them of, how about emailing them to say hello? Get your website to stick in their minds long after they’ve left it. You can use either Mailchimp or MailerLite to help you collect, store and send emails.

6. Make it a Habit to Check All Links
As a website owner, it’s embarrassing if your visitor alerted you to a broken link on your website (we know, we’re sometimes guilty of this too!). Once a month, go through all the links, pages and forms in your website to see if everything is working fine.

It’s irksome to fill up a Contact form only to find out the form cannot be sent because the “page is not found” or there is an error somewhere. Keeping everything in working order shows you care about your website and visitors. Use this to find broken links on your website: http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com

7. Keep Web Copy Simple
If you don’t have the budget to hire a copywriter, write your own! On the web, the best way to write is to write as if you were speaking to a friend. Keep the language simple, honest and free from jargon. Don’t try to impress because most visitors can see through a lie in five seconds. The tip is: talk to them but don’t ever talk down to them.

8. Too Many Bling-blings
Ever been to a website where there were so many moving buttons/rotating banners/bling-blings that you immediately felt dizzy just staring at the web page?

While animation creates interest, too much of a good thing can be equally harmful and again, irritating to your visitors, especially those who come back again and again for the content. Minimize the animated stuff and the autoplaying music.

9. Get Some Testimonials
If you are selling a product or a service, try putting up your customers’ testimonials. Nothing sells better than someone’s praise. But make it genuine. Don’t make the testimonials up because you will have to attribute the testimonial to a real customer’s name or company.

10. Keep Graphics to a Minimum
While graphics on your website may attract visitors, visitors do not have the time to wait for every byte of your graphics to load. If your website has too many ‘heavy’ or big graphics, it will load slowly. Once the visitor gets fed up of the slow loading website, she will go elsewhere.

What else should you focus on for your website? We reveal all the good stuff that helps you with your website and more when you get a copy of our book, Web Wisdom. Check it out here.

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