Why You Should Claim and Verify Your Business on Google

Have you tried Google searching your business only to notice that some of the information on Google My Business to be incorrect or missing? Or that the marker on the map indicating your company location is a little sesat?

Did you also know that you can actually verify and edit your business information yourself? All you have to do is claim your business by updating your company details (ie: address, phone number) and you can start managing how your business appears on Google.

Buy why should you claim and verify your business? For starters, the listing platform presents a huge potential for revenue in terms of online traffic. If people aren’t being directed to your business because of a lack of or incorrect information then you are losing potential customers.

Here are the top 3 reasons why you should stake your claim on Google My Business (or any other platforms such as Foursquare, Yelp and Apple Maps).

  1. First and foremost it builds trust. You don’t want people looking up your business on Google only to be given the wrong contact number or directions. Imagine what they would think if they could not find your shop or call you?
  2. It improves SEO. The more information on Google My Business that corresponds with the information on your website, including links to your site will increase your online presence helping direct more traffic to your site.
  3. Prevent poaching by competitors. If you don’t claim your business someone else might – to deliberately draw potential customers away from your site.

Besides, who wouldn’t want a bit of free advertising and brand visibility? A lot of people depend on the internet for information, especially when looking for places to eat, visit or stay.

All one has to do is type in ‘restaurant’ and they will be inundated with results of every related business.  It’s like the digital Yellow Pages.  Just make sure the information points to your exact location and is visible on any devices. And don’t forget to keep the details current and up-to-date.

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1 thought on “Why You Should Claim and Verify Your Business on Google”

  1. Agreed, the side effect of this is that it also actually appears as snippet (in the form of Google map or Featured answer) in Google organic search for that keyword.

    For example, if you google ‘financial planner in penang’, my verified business would appear on the top of the map snippet at the top of Google search for this keyword.

    Similarly, google for ‘website designer in penang’ and Redbox studio also appears in the list of businesses in the form of map snippet for this search keyword

    An example of Featured Article snippet would be – google for ‘best medical card in malaysia’, one of my article appears as the direct answer to this search query


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