Have a B2B Website That Cannot Turn Visitors Into Prospects?


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been approached by a few B2B companies in Penang to look at their websites.

What is a B2B company? B2B stands for Business to Business which means a business that supplies products to another business.

Example: a company selling flow meters to factories. Or a  UV lighting company selling industrial lighting solutions to factories. Or a company selling multifunction calibrators for industrial use. These are usually products that are used in industries or as part of the manufacturing process.

Selling is Human 

While selling manufacturing or industrial components online is different from selling clothes or bags online, the concept is the same.

You end up selling to people.

People may represent a company or factory but eventually, you are selling to people who make the decision to go with your product or go with your competitor’s product.

Whether you are a B2C or a B2B company, trust us, it’s the same. You need to work hard to convince and persuade your website visitor to take a specific action on your website. B2C or B2B just describes the type of business you manage or own.

When these B2B companies email us, the email and need is similar. They either want a website design quote or they want to outsource their marketing.

When we dig deeper, they usually inform us that yes, they’re facing a huge problem. After all, if you don’t have a problem, you won’t be looking for a solution.

Even without looking at their website, we usually know that the problem lies with their website.

Most Malaysian websites are built and designed by web designers. They’re not built by people who understand marketing.

There is a difference between a web designer and a marketer. 

Over the last 19 years, we’ve spoken about this problem in our marketing events as well as our technical sessions. If you want your website to just look presentable, any web designer who can put up visuals and graphics would do the job.

But if you want your website to become your marketing tool and turn visitors into prospects (or at least convince them to pick up the phone or email) then you need people who understand how to build a marketing tool for you.

No Trust, No Sale 

You need people who understand how to design trust and credibility into your website because, without these factors, no website visitor is going to contact you, much less buy from you.

This is key especially if you’re an IT manager or even a business owner.

Because you don’t just want a website; you want a website that helps you turn website visitors into prospects/customers.

If your website doesn’t engender or build trust from the moment website visitors land on your website, you have no second chance. They will move on to another website until they find the website that they can trust.

Most B2B websites are designed as if their customers or prospects are robots. They’re full of industrial specifications but they lack warmth, personality and trustworthiness. They lack human appeal.

When your website lacks the human touch and is designed wrong (looking like a scammer’s website), no one is going to trust you. When there is no trust, there is no sale.

At our last Tech Tuesday, one attendee who is in the B2B business openly admitted that even he himself wouldn’t trust his website!

But how do you build trust into a website?

We explain about this in our book, Web Wisdom.

In fact, we even outlined the many ways you can build trust into your website with simple strategies that you can implement on your own. Yes, it takes a little bit more effort but if it’s your business and it’s the difference between a big sale or no sale, you will make that effort.

Get our book and learn how to create more trust and credibility on your website and perhaps, just perhaps, your enquiries will come flooding in.

Got a website that doesn’t perform? Get a live website audit when you attend our Tech Tuesday session, held once-a-month at our office premises at Eureka Complex, USM Penang campus.

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