Your Website Is Your Best Marketing Tool

website question & answer with redbox studio

Why do you need a website?

Here’s the quick answer: because your website is your best marketing tool.

But it’s not just any website. Your website must be designed right before you can expect the right results. When your website is designed to be the marketing tool that it is, you can enjoy these benefits.

Double or Triple Your Sales

Many of our clients have achieved more than their fair share of sales and serious enquiries with the websites that we’ve designed for them.

Your website becomes a true digital salesman which works 24/7 all year through. It helps you offer quality information so that your prospects can make a decision.

Be ready to change how you think about a website. With your website, you can expect to fulfil orders and shipments because all the answers and information can be found on your website.

Using our Redbox X Factor system, we incorporate each and every anticipated question about your products and services into your website, making your marketing much easier and more profitable.

One of our clients even told us that they don’t need to do THAT many road shows and tradeshows a year now because they can easily point prospects to their website!

Imagine how much you can save from not doing tradeshows if you just invested your money into a website that’s truly meant for marketing.

Get Ready To Go International

When you have a credible website full of great information and good products, you can expect to enlarge your customer base to include customers from all over the world.

Trust is instantly established for website visitors so don’t be surprised when people of different countries are ready to contact you for business opportunities.

If you’ve been previously selling to local customers, get ready for international customers. Your website is developed to compete at the international level.

One of our clients who owns a factory producing sambal paste and Sarawak laksa paste are regularly swamped with orders from countries like Australia, US and UK plus some countries in Eastern Europe which she cannot even pinpoint on the map! Isn’t that a good problem to have?

Attract Better People

When you have a strong, trustworthy website, you have a marketing tool which not only markets to your customers, it also helps you raise your reputation and get the attention of people whom you want to hire.

A better website allows you to communicate your brand, values and philosophy, inspiring others to look up to your company as the company they want to work for, and have a career with.

This is especially so if you run a small company and would love to attract great brains! Attracting better employees is always an intangible benefit of having a world-class website. Better employees mean improved productivity and this always translates into a bigger bottom line for your business.

What Your Customers Can Expect

When your website is developed with our Redbox X Factor framework, here’s what your website will do for you.

Higher Credibility

We are often skeptical of companies and businesses we see or read about. Yet, we know how to reduce or even completely lower this uncalled for skepticism using a combination of research, expertise and commonsense (and of course, our Redbox X Factor system).

Your website lets website visitors know that they can trust you and your business the moment they arrive. Your website gets all the secret ingredients you need to give your business high credibility.

A credible website converts more leads into customers compared to amateur and sloppy websites.

According to Stanford University’s Web Credibility Project, “nearly half of all consumers (or 46.1%) in the study assessed the credibility of sites based in part on the appeal of the overall visual design of a site, including layout, typography, font size and color schemes.”

The study concludes that people do judge your website by how it looks. If it doesn’t look credible or it doesn’t look like what they expect it to be, they go elsewhere. You don’t get a second chance. It’s actually not very different from how we judge cars and politicians.

Researcher Dr BJ Fogg, says, “Those who can design for credibility have a strategic advantage.”

Having a credible website gives you an advantage (and secret weapon) your competitors won’t be able to figure out!


A good website is a great communication tool. This is yet another secret which we at Redbox Studio are proud to reveal. It takes a lot of effort and careful attention to produce content which converts prospects into customers for life.

Our websites look good and contain content which communicates your message effectively. The content we write is always relevant, honest and useful. It is structured, organised and presented in a way which leads your website visitors to understand what you sell, how you sell and why you’re unique and finally, why they should buy from you.

Good communication is simple, precise and clear, like a good story. When we help you communicate your story, your business shines.

Clear Choice

Being a clear choice is often one of the toughest challenges online as your prospects cannot see you or feel or touch your products or experience your services.

With some help from us, we can project your business as the clear choice, hands down. If you’ve always felt that your business has always been like every other business and doesn’t have much uniqueness, wait till you get a website designed by us at Redbox Studio.

After your prospects visit your website, they will know that you are the right choice for them and they will either contact you or email you or if you have an e-commerce website, buy from you.

We’ve mastered techniques in the way we design, write, develop and maintain your website which easily demonstrates how your offerings are completely trustworthy and that you are the most logical business to buy from. Prospects would be crazy not to buy from you!

If you want a website which becomes your best marketing tool, contact us today and let’s see how we can work together.

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