New & Improved Redbox Easyweb For Business Owners on a Budget

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Good news if you’re using our budget-friendly website system, Redbox Easyweb!

We’re now in the midst of rolling out our new and improved Redbox Easyweb system so if you’re a user and a client, you’d be pleasantly surprised.

We decided to give our clients more good stuff so we redesigned and completely overhauled our website system.

Exciting Website Features

With this roll-out you get to:

  • include video as part of your website slider (totally cool way to freshen up your website and make it exciting)
  • choose and use your favourite fonts as you wish
  • customise your website with more colours
  • enjoy a contemporary website look and feel (the sidebar elements can be removed for a full-width look) and lots more!

As always, our promise to all our clients is this: if you are a user of this budget website system, you get to enjoy all future upgrades and all exciting new features for FREE.

More features are being included so that you can have a great-looking website even if you’re on a budget.

Who Is Redbox Easyweb For?

Redbox Easyweb is a website package that we created for business owners who may have just started their business, have a limited budget and want to be in control of their websites.

Using Redbox Easyweb, you can manage your website on your own (update it as and when you wish).

The best part is, Redbox Easyweb is made for marketing so you get full marketing features to help you promote and sell your products and services. (We even have an e-commerce version at RM999.)

If you’ve been thinking of getting a budget website that you can manage on your own, this is the best time to try Redbox Easyweb.

It’s a complete website package* that takes care of your marketing needs as well as gives you the ability and freedom to update as and when you wish, without needing to pay website maintenance fees ever.

Best of all, it’s easy on your budget at RM799 per year (Standard version) or RM999 (Ecommerce version).

Check out Redbox Easyweb today! 

*package includes domain name + premium web hosting + website system + tech support. No webmaster’s fees.

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