This Week’s Question: Should I Get A Blog or A Website?

This week’s question:

I have just set up my business and I am not sure if I should set up a blog or a website or just use social media like Facebook to market my services. What would you advise?

Our answer:
Here’s how we often advise clients when they’re asking if they need a website or a blog.

Have your blog embedded in your website. You don’t need to have both separately. Both can easily co-exist in the same place. A blog helps you showcase your expertise as a writer because you’ll be updating this regularly with your thoughts and ideas. (You’re reading our blog on our website. Perfect case in point.)

Your website can showcase your work, clients, testimonials, services and packages. Your blog showcases your expertise through ideas, advice, how-to, etc.

You’ll definitely need a website because it’s the only piece of online real estate that belongs to you (make sure you get your own domain name). A good domain name makes a difference – it makes your business visible online! Here’s how you choose a good domain name.

Social media is great but consider them “pipelines” that bring prospects to your website which is your final destination or headquarters – it’s the final one-stop place where people can see why you’re good at what you do. (We explain a lot more about this in our  book, Web Wisdom so get a copy for more details.)

One thing no one has ever talked about is how we are all beholden to the guidelines/rules/policies of social media like FB. They change designs, algorithms etc. We can’t control how FB looks today or even tomorrow or if our updates actually reach the intended followers.

But we can control what’s on our websites.

We can control what we wish to put on our websites. We control what we wish to say. We can remove outdated information that no longer serves us. And this is why, despite the rise of social media, you still need a website especially if you’re in business.

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