Marketing Mojo Gold Ticket Bundle, Till 31 January

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This post is written by Krista.

Here’s a quick heads-up: if you want to grab all 4 tickets to this year’s Marketing Mojo event at China House Cafe, you can get the Gold Bundle for RM250 from now until 31 January.

What’s so special about the Gold Bundle?

Well, for one, you save RM50 immediately.

Second, it’s convenient. You get all 4 tickets for the 4 sessions and your seat is assured (and if you can’t make it, it’s transferable).

Since December, we’ve been selling Gold Tickets and more than 3/4 of the tickets have been snapped up.

It’s such a good deal that a friend remarked, “It’s such good value for money – learn marketing, connect with others and enjoy China House Cafe’s good cakes and coffee!”

True. It is a value-for-money package.

We don’t want to make money off this event because our intention is to help more small business owners get smart about marketing.

We see many business owners struggle and go round and round in circles because they don’t have a strategy, business model or blueprint. They keep on using tactics on a one-off basis (which tires them out eventually). They keep starting from scratch and worse, they spend lots of time on non-productive tasks.

Over the past 4 years, we’ve seen how advantageous it is for attendees to attend Marketing Mojo regularly.

The networking itself is valuable because you’re meeting people who want to learn marketing. Over time, people become friends. It’s about friendship and growing together.

In most networking events, people come up to you and want to sell you stuff. In our events, we ensure that no such thing happens.

We want everyone to come and learn in an open, encouraging environment. It has to be fun. Ask anyone who attends Marketing Mojo and they always tell us they look forward to our once a quarter event.

It gets better as you start understanding the concepts of marketing and Nic teaches concepts from our own system, the One Mountain One Dragon.

These concepts are derived from our 18 years of experience helping business owners, from Nic’s study and research of Wing Chun principles (he extracted martial art principles for business) and from our years of marketing ourselves successfully.

If you’ve been searching for a community of entrepreneurs who are optimistic, enthusiastic about learning and keen to help each other in business, come join us in our March 15 Marketing Mojo event. Or better still, buy the Gold Tickets! (The deal ends on 31 January.)

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