Are You One of Our Winners?


This post is written by one of our team members, Eleanor. 

Who would have thought we had so many wordsmiths in our midst!

To celebrate our 18th Anniversary last October we decided to give our clients and fans a chance to win some amazing Redbox Studio prizes.

Not some easy-peasy click and win type of contest you see online every day.

Oh no…We wanted to create some nostalgia and went old-school. Slogan-style.

Remember those from back in the day? The newspaper contests where you had to write out your slogans and mail them in and then wait for the announcement? Well we recreated it online and well… it worked!

With a ‘little’ help from our dear friends on social media, of course.

And so kicking-off the New Year with a winning start are:

Chow Siew Cheong (Joe) and Percy Ung who won tickets to this year’s Marketing Mojo.

Robert Raymer and Steamen Loo whose entries earned them a copy of our newly-published book, Web Wisdom.

Congratulations guys and don’t let that talent go to waste!

*winners will be contacted personally

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