9 Must-Have Business Apps For Your Small Business

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productivity apps for small business

We love our smart phones and devices, don’t we?  They have become such an essential part of our everyday lives due to the fact that they can be used for almost anything – even running a business! With the accessibility and popularity of mobile apps, we can now schedule emails, do our accounting and even keep tabs on business related expenses.

When you’re single-handedly running your own business, you often find yourself wearing more than one hat. Pretty soon the tasks and jobs start to multiply and can get a little overwhelming. If you haven’t got the budget to employ a team the next available option is to get these apps to help you keep the fundamentals of your company in order.

Keep Track of Orders

One of the initial challenges SMEs face when setting up their business is to recreate their business operating systems such as CRM, ICS, and POS online. BizClip is perfect for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and business owners on the go who need to keep track of orders, dispatching, costing, purchasing, stock and billing.

Schedule Your Emails 

Another ‘extra hand’ at helping you stay on task is Boomerang which schedules your emails to be sent out at specific times and dates even when you are offline. And what about all of those contacts you’ve cultivated over the years?  Some of them could turn into important clients or vendors.

Store Business Card Contacts

The CamCard app allows you to scan and store business card contacts on your android device so you don’t have to worry about losing business cards.

Manage Your Accounting

Not everyone has a head for numbers, especially when it’s as complicated as accounting. If you can barely balance your chequebook, then Wave Accounting is your answer. The software app helps you manage all areas of your accounting activity and even update contact information to automatically appear on invoices, payments and other transactions.

Schedule Appointments & Sync With Google Calendar

Balancing your busy schedule can be more challenging than balancing a chequebook, especially if you need to email appointment times to your clients. Calendly saves time by directing clients to your own url which has your customised planner. All they have to do is book in their date and time based on availability and your Google Calendar will be automatically updated with the booking.

Track Business Spending

If your business requires you to travel a lot, you could subscribe to Expensify, a free app that helps you to monitor your business and travel expenses, and can also be synced to your credit cards.

Create Master Itineraries

TripIt on the other hand (device) automatically creates a master itinerary for your trip, which you can access and view at anytime, so no more late check-ins at the airport.

Manage Your To-Dos

And while you’re away from the office, you could use Asana to keep track of daily tasks, job statuses, team communications and progress.

Fax It Digitally

The eFax app (for iPad) also provides some relief as it allows you to send and receive faxes through your device. Just take a picture of the text, photo or document you wish to send, add your digital signature and you have a mobile fax machine.

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