[CONTEST]: 18th Anniversary “Say it in 18” Contest

18 Winners for 18 Words

redbox studio contest

Can you believe we’re 18 years old already?

In human years, this would be a pivotal milestone marking a person’s entry into adulthood.

For Redbox Studio it has been a springboard to launch our new book Web Wisdom and share some of our most valuable tips and strategies on digital marketing with everyone.

To show how much we appreciate the long-standing support and encouragement we’ve received over the years, we will be giving away 3 (three) tickets to our popular Marketing Mojo Meetups as the Grand Prize in our 18th Anniversary “Say It In 18 Words” Contest. You can also win 3 (three) copies of Web Wisdom as well 12 (twelve) tickets to our Big Timer Game sessions.

That’s a total of 18 prizes for 18 lucky winners!

So what do you need to do? Nothing too complicated. Simply a little exercise of those grey cells. Simply think of a slogan that best reflects our 18th Anniversary.

What’s the catch? Nothing really, just make sure your slogan is EXACTLY 18 words! And it MUST use have the words ‘web’ and ‘wisdom’.

*brain cracks*

Okay, okay. How about we throw you a lifeline? You can have a look through our website or blogs for ideas. Make your slogans CREATIVE and FUN, and send them via email to info@redboxstudio.com

Shortlisted entries will then be posted on our Facebook page for a public vote which will last a week. The winners will be determined by the number of LIKES each slogan receives.

You can send in as many entries you wish to increase your chances of being shortlisted.

Win any of these prizes below (worth a total of RM1,605)!

3 tickets to Marketing Mojo (for 2017), valued at RM75 each
3 copies of our published book, Web Wisdom, valued at RM60 each
12 tickets to Big Timer game sessions, valued at RM100 each

  1. Create a slogan for our 18th Anniversary Year.
  2. The slogan must be EXACTLY 18 words.
  3. Slogan must contain the words ‘web’ and ‘wisdom’.
  4. Send slogans to info@redboxstudio.com. (You can send as many as you wish!).
  5. Closing date is 10 December 2016.
  6. Shortlisted slogans will be posted on Facebook until 31 Dec 2016.
  7. The slogans with the most LIKES on Facebook will win accordingly.
  8. Winners will be announced on 1 January 2017 on our Facebook page and this blog.

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