[EVENT]: 14 Sept, Marketing Mojo Meetup @ China House Cafe

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How fast time flies! In a blink of an eye, it’s already 3 months since our last Marketing Mojo Meetup. We have one coming up next Wednesday, 14 September and this is one session you don’t want to miss out on.

Nic will be talking about the Triple T where he will show you how you can use current events to hook on to your marketing. This tactic will help you create more interesting and shareable marketing pieces for your customers to pass around and help you do more advertising.

In today’s world where visuals get shared faster than plain text, you need to learn how to get the message right before you create your visuals whether it is a simple WhatsApp graphic or an infographic.

Most people share visuals that aren’t at all exciting and worse, aren’t even shareable!

We know of one person who keeps sending out visuals via WhatsApp but it always has his face on them with some cheesy messages (which of course is related to this guy’s business!). Talk about being crude!

Tell me, who is going to share a visual that screams “Buy my service”?

So what is the right way to create a visual that is communicative and worth passing around? What is the right message, first of all? How do you get your prospects to forward your message/visual happily? What makes a visual worth passing around?

This is where Nic will help you so that you can use the Triple T for your own business.

If you’ve been to our events, you know it’s always about sharing and giving value. The connections are also worth their weight in gold.

Since we’ve pre-sold tickets, we have a few more to sell.

At RM75 each, you get to participate in a roomful of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and learn a marketing tactic that you can implement. Plus you get to tuck into China House Cafe’s cakes and pastries.

Get your tickets here >>> https://redboxstudio.com/marketing-mojo-meetup

Our buy button will be deactivated on 13 Sept so please buy your tickets before this date. Otherwise, you’d have to pay RM100 instead of RM75.


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