Our Brand New Book Is Finally Out!

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We’re super excited that our brand new book, Web Wisdom, is finally published. If you go to the National Library in Kuala Lumpur, you can find our books there!

This is a book that took 2 years to produce mainly because Nic and I wanted this book to be the book that we both wanted to read.

If you know us, we’re big on reading.

We’re the kind of people who’d spend the entire day at the Big Bad Wolf sale each time it comes to Penang Times Square. We’re also the kind who’d look at books aesthetically meaning we appreciate a book in terms of the feel of the paper, the size of the book, the font and cover design and this is even before we’ve read the book!

So you see, we’ve been bookworms long enough to know that the experience of holding a book is as important as the substance of the book.

While we’re on the subject of the substance, I know what I despise in books. I despise books that are all fluff. I like a book that tells me how to achieve something or gives me an idea what I can do after I’m done with the book.

If we wanted a book that just skimmed the surface, we wouldn’t have written this book. We wanted this to be of such good value that you’d want to buy extra copies for your friends or at least rave about it to your friends.

We wanted to be proud of the book.

Someone once asked,”So you’re actually writing your own book?”

We looked at him like he was off his rocker and said, “Of course!”

In our hearts we were thinking, what sort of question is that? And then it dawned on us that these days, some people who call themselves authors never write their own books. They would hire ghost writers to write their books for them.

And that is why it took a while for us to produce this book.

Every word you read in our book is ours.

We had drafts upon drafts, revisions upon revisions (it was far more agonising than writing my thesis!). We hacked our own chapters.

We even sent it off to our eagle-eyed editor in KL (big shout out to our editor Audrey Teoh) and she helped us comb through it and gave us good suggestions.

This book is a culmination of 18 years of experience, expertise and knowledge and of helping our clients create strategies, of helping our clients position themselves, of helping clients create additional income streams, of helping clients use their websites to their maximum potential.

This book is also a learning journey for us – we could’ve gone to a publishing company and left the book in their hands. But we knew that we wanted to learn the entire process – from applying for the ISBN to CIP, from deciding the book cover design, to deciding how to price and market our book. All these are invaluable because now we know how to publish a book from start to finish.

We also wanted full control because we had a different plan for the book. For most authors, the book is done when the book is published.

Not for us.

Our book is the beginning of everything. A book can’t sell itself.

This is where our years of marketing experience comes into play. We’re using some unique strategies to sell and market our book so if you want to learn more, stay tuned to this blog.

Others also asked us, “Aren’t you afraid that you’re revealing too much in your book? You’re sharing all the strategies you use for your own clients!”

When we write a book, we write a book.

Since 1998, Redbox Studio has always been built on a foundation of value and knowledge.

We want to help you, the business owner, understand how to use your website as part of an integrated marketing approach. We can’t do this if we kept all the strategies under wraps. The book also helps readers see that our approach to websites is different and that is why we say we’re not web designers – we are marketers.

If you’ve met us, read this blog, use our services or attended our events, you know we don’t do things in half measures.

That is why we want to reward you if you’ve read this far.

In conjunction with Malaysia Day, we’re having a pre-sale special where you get to buy our book for a special price. But you have to hurry as the special ends on 16 September, midnight.

*You must be asking when’s the book launch? ¬†Yes, that is happening but a little later. We have a bunch of projects to settle before that. But if you put your name and email here, we will keep you informed.


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