Photos from Marketing Mojo Meetup

We had such great fun at last week’s Marketing Mojo Meetup.

networking event penang
Kelvin meets Dr Siva who is a medical professional. Dr Siva takes time off to learn marketing!

While we had our fair share of regulars (regulars meaning people who’ve bought the entire year’s worth of tickets), we also have people who join us because they’ve heard of us, stumbled on our events on EventBrite, or had friends encourage them to join this one-of-a-kind marketing/networking event in Penang.

Some newbies will ask if we’re like BNI.

Absolutely not. Marketing Mojo Meetups only happen once every 3 months because we have a full-time web design and marketing business to run. We’re not referral-based though we hope you will end up making a whole lot of good connections and collaborations.

marketing event penang
Meet new friends in a casual yet hip environment

This means we still need to design websites, manage our team, manage websites for clients, take care of our clients, field questions from prospects, conduct Tech Tuesdays on a monthly basis and take on speaking engagements (we spoke to INTI’s MBA students early this month and Nic will be speaking at this Friday’s Kelip-Kelip event, 24 June).

That’s on top of constantly working on improvements for our own products such as Redbox Easyweb (which is a separate line from our customised websites).

marketing event penang
The only event in Penang where you get to meet doctors!

Anyway, Marketing Mojo Meetups are fun to organise because we get to meet entrepreneurs of all walks of life and they get to meet each other!

marketing mojo penang
See you on 14 September!

The next one is on 14 September, same time, same place (China House Cafe). We’re always proud of the quality contacts we bring together each time and the high energy and good vibes that permeate the event, long after its concluded.

doing business in penang
Subra, Xian-Na & Kelvin getting to know each other

That is why we also have a private Facebook group to cater to the ongoing discussions as well as share useful marketing examples while we await the next session in 3 months’ time.

entrepreneurs penang
Regine is a regular at Marketing Mojo

For more photos, visit our Facebook album. While you’re there, give us a like will ya?

If you want to meet some cool folks, join us for Marketing Mojo on 14 September. Get tickets here.


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