Marketing Your Restaurant With A Website

Do restaurants and cafes need websites?

Of course. Especially in today’s world where we will check out the cafe and restaurant and ogle at their dishes and food before we even step into the premises!

It’s expected because food excites the senses. Look at all the food blogs out there. Look at the many Instagram accounts and Pinterest accounts that focus on food. Look at all the sexy ways food can be described and photographed. Food is visual feasting.

When you have a beautiful restaurant with good food, it’s easy to attract prospects and turn them into customers with a website.

If you’re a restaurant or cafe owner and you don’t have a website (and all you have is a Facebook page), you’re missing out on a big opportunity to turn website visitors into true fans and customers.

If your website is designed to entice and market your restaurant, deli or cafe, it’s not just an increase in diners. You will see that more food blogs will link to your website and this will increase your online visibility. If your food is good, people will be talking about it online and linking to your website.

We have 2 types of clients – clients who come to us to help them revamp or redesign their website (because their old one is either outdated or not performing at all) and clients who come to us for their first ever website.

Pen Mutiara Restaurant falls into the second category. They never had a website to begin with.

Pen Mutiara is one of the classy Malay restaurants in Penang serving authentic fish head curry.

One of their key selling points is that the jetty is just a few steps away from their restaurant so you can be sure the fish dishes and the fish head curries will always be fresh and tasty. The restaurant is air-conditioned with elegant fittings and furniture. It also features a live band so it’s a great place to entertain your guests and visitors.

How did we know this? For premium website design clients, we have a strategy session where we will find out all about their marketing.

We uncovered this key selling point when we spoke to their restaurant manager and worked this into their website content because our job is to help clients present the best of their businesses especially from the marketing point of view.

Because we write website content for the client, we know what to focus on and how to describe the restaurant, its dishes and even its decor and reveal its best and showcase these on the website.

Designing and developing a custom website from the ground up is a Redbox Studio speciality. It is also developed based on our Redbox X Factor framework which Nic created after years of  developing, building and maintaining websites for clients. This framework has helped our clients because their websites continually bring in new customers!

This website is also bilingual. You can toggle to read it in English or Malay. We created this because a number of its diners are from the multinational corporations nearby but we also knew the restaurant also served local patrons especially VIPs and dignitaries.

Having a website created in two languages meant physically creating two websites and translating all the content into Malay. You may consider doing this if your prospects speak a number of languages.

A quick search on Google reveals that this website is easily found on the first page and on the first 3 top positions. When your website is designed to be attractive to search engines, you enjoy natural search engine rankings just like Pen Mutiara.

If you want to know more about marketing and websites, get 2 free chapters from our book, Web Wisdom.

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