[EVENT] Marketing Mojo, 15 June at China House Cafe

marketing mojo penang

We are back again with Marketing Mojo, our quarterly marketing plus connecting event. This time, we have a topic that most of you would love to know more about – the art of acquiring referrals or getting more people to refer potential customers or clients to you.

Why are referrals so powerful?

Referrals are powerful because they’re free advertising that your happy clients are doing for you! When someone speaks highly of you to another person who doesn’t know you yet, you’re already perceived as more credible and trustworthy.

The best part of all, you didn’t have to spend time, effort or energy telling and selling people about your business. Your client is going around becoming your best sales person.

Most times, referrals happen if you did a good job or provided a good service.

It’s not so much about asking your client to rave about you. You could ask but most likely you’ll forget.

When you want to orchestrate some referrals, you need to know one key step in doing so. You need to know one important ingredient before you get to your referral.

Nic will be sharing what this important ingredient is.

So you don’t want to miss out on the 15 June Marketing Mojo Meetup at China House Cafe, Beach Street, Penang (3pm to 6pm).

The connections and contacts are absolutely wonderful plus you get to be part of our private Facebook Group where we continue the conversations about marketing our businesses with real-life examples.

As most tickets have been snapped up by our regulars, we only have a few tickets left (we’re only interested in a small group of committed and dedicated entrepreneurs).

If you buy your ticket now, it’s at RM75 per person inclusive of China House’s coffee, cakes and pastries.

If you walk in on the day itself, it’s at RM100 per person.

Buy your tickets here and see you on 15 June!

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