What’s It Like To Hire Redbox Studio


This time around, we’d like to explain a little about working with us.

One of the reasons why we produce the results we do is that we have a proven system. Unlike other web designers who create for you something you want, we create something for you that helps you get business.

That’s why we say we are really designing for you a marketing tool. The website helps you go out there and get customers all year round and works for you even when you’re sleeping!

When you work with us, you’re not working with web designers. Instead, you are working with people who understand how to use websites to help you with your marketing.

We work closely with you to design, write and manage your website. We also work with you on your online marketing campaigns after your website is launched, if you need our expertise.

Our Website Design Process

When we work with you, we will start with a discussion to understand your business or NGO. We will also review what you have especially if you have a website. If you own a factory, we will need a tour of the factory. If you are in the service business, we need to understand the nuances of your business.

More often than not, we will be asking a number of marketing questions so we need not just the IT manager, but also the CEO and the marketing director in the same meeting.

We ask marketing questions because your answers will help us structure the strategy that we will use within the website (in the design, content as well as architecture).

Based on your current position in the industry and available resources, we assist you in identifying what’s not working in your marketing.

Using our Redbox X Factor system, we help you identify your Solutions and Proof – the two main areas you must have before you start marketing. Your USP is also reviewed.

Once we understand your business needs, we start working on specific content and design strategies for your website. All our content and design strategies are based on the Redbox X Factor system.

You can retain our expertise even when the website has been built and launched. We work best as your marketing consultants on a contractual basis (12 months) to help you develop and strengthen your ongoing online marketing efforts.

Your Outsourced Marketing Team

How do we ensure that you get the best when working with Redbox Studio? Here’s what we’ll be doing with you:

> Decide objectives and measures of success for your website
> Identify and clarify your business priorities
> Uncover marketing issues and challenges
> Understand your unique business problems
> Understand how you market, whom you market to and why
> Determine our roles and responsibilities as well as yours
> Design, write and produce your website to achieve the agreed objectives
> Offer unlimited email support and communication during website implementation
> Suggest methods to eliminate potential issues and hiccups
> Review website progress
> Mark success milestones

See our clients we’ve achieved with our clients.

Note that our Redbox Studio custom-design website package comes with impeccable web design, built-in SEO, website copywriting (content that triggers your website visitors to take action), premium web hosting as well as website management. It also comes with an in-depth strategy session to help you formulate your online communications direction.

As a premium web design package, it is not for everyone. It is not for you if you just want a basic website. It is not for you if you don’t get how the Internet is changing the way businesses attract prospects. It is not for you if you think all you need is a¬†free Facebook page.

This package is meant for the entrepreneur who has been in business for at least 2-3 years, with a website he is too embarrassed about and knows that he has had enough of wasting his money on online advertising and now wants to try a smarter way.

If this is you, find out how we can help you get bigger results.

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