Video & Photos of Marketing Mojo Meetup

marketing mojo penang

If you missed yesterday’s event, you can watch a short video of the opening below as well as check out the photos in our Facebook album.

This time around, we had a good number of new attendees. What we particularly like is the fact that our events are solely for having fun, connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and getting everyone to talk about marketing and their businesses.

Nic taught a marketing tactic called interception which got our Marketing Mojoers thinking about how far into the past they needed to reach in order to prepare and plant the idea of their products or services.

Part of our session involves discussions so we broke them all up into groups of 3 each to further expand on this idea. This meant each person had a chance to introduce their business in a non-intimidating way. After all, they had to help each other create a skit which they would later perform!

Because Nic took theatre back in his uni days, he made sure our Marketing Mojoers had fun by doing something creative that didn’t just involve sitting and talking. So it was quite hilarious watching each group present their idea of “interception”.

One of our regular Marketing Mojoers who bought a year’s worth of tickets, Mary, said she liked the concept because she could go back and think how she could use it for her own financial practice.

If you want to learn some unconventional ways to market and meet some really cool folks, join us for the 15 June session at China House Cafe from 3pm to 6pm.

Get your tickets here.

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