Why You Need More Than One Domain Name


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If you are in business and you’re thinking of domain names to buy, the best time to start is now especially if you have a number of brands and products you want to protect or promote.

Most people who own websites only buy one domain name. But why should you limit yourself to one domain name when you can have as many as you can afford?

Granted, you do have to pay a fee each year to use each domain name but you can get them for as low as RM60 per name per year. (It costs twice as much to get a Malaysian domain name. Our advice is: if you can get a domain name ending in a .com, opt for a .com. No one ever recalls the additional .my unless you’re like a super brand or something.)

What domains should you buy?

Your own name for instance, is a great domain name to buy especially if you believe your name will become popular over time. Ours is nicsim.com and kristagoon.com (and never say you’ll never be famous – you’d never really know, would you?)

Your company name is another domain name to buy.

Products you sell under a unique or specific name are also worth buying. We have Redbox Easyweb as our website product so the domain name we grabbed is redboxeasyweb.com

If you have 10 different products, should you buy 10 different domain names? Yes, if you believe these products each have their own markets.

Of course, these days lots of domain names (especially common and popular ones like cars.com or flowers.com) have been snapped up years and years ago.

Still, there’s hope. Put together two or three words to make your domain name. For instance, we also organise a marketing event on a yearly basis called One Mountain One Dragon master class so it makes sense for us to buy onemountainonedragon.com

Plus we also have a card game for entrepreneurs called Big Timer. We couldn’t get bigtimer.com so we settled for an even better domain name, bigtimergame.com.

Bigtimer.com wouldn’t have been as useful as bigtimergame as the latter allows people to immediately latch onto the idea that Big Timer is a game. So being creative with your naming is important because domain names need to be clear, snappy and easy to spell.

Don’t make the mistake of using numbers in your domain name because you’ll always have to tell people that it’s a number within the domain (we all tend to spell out domain names as having numbers is still an anomaly unless you’re a key player in the business and everyone knows you!).

Some clients of ours also buy more than one domain name as insurance for the future. We often teach them what to buy and how to prevent their competitors from grabbing their online real estate.

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