Why Talking About Your Product Is A Bad Idea

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If you want to market your product, don’t ever talk about your product.

Sound counter-productive?

It’s actually not.

Because all of us have met people who just keep talking about their products and we automatically turn off.

We aren’t listening. We’re basically counting the minutes till we can escape the boring conversation.

So if you’re not talking about your product, what the heck do you talk about?

You don’t talk about yourself. You ask questions, to determine if that person is a prospect. If that person is not your prospect, you don’t have to bore that person to death.

If that person is your prospect, you shouldn’t just jump at him with your product. Nothing is more distasteful than having someone constantly pushing his product at you. The next time he sees you, he’d run and hide!

Here’s where listening – real listening – comes into play.

Most sales people or entrepreneurs can’t seem to shut up. They want to talk and talk and talk.

The effective (and smarter) sales person or entrepreneur encourages their prospect to talk. When your prospect talks, you can uncover many things that they didn’t tell you in the first place.

Like how they’re struggling with their health or the health of a loved one.
Like how they want to start a business but they’re really scared to do so.
Like how they want to look good and feel good but they just don’t know how to start.

Your prospects don’t buy products. They want to buy the results or effects of using your products in their own time. They don’t want to be pressured to buy your products.

For instance, I know of a makeup artist who always complains that no one attends her make up events even though they’re free. In her case, she can do much better if she positioned her event to help women get confident with their make up skills, instead of an event where she will demonstrate a certain brand of cosmetics.

This is why beauty bloggers get so much of attention online. They’re not selling you anything in the beginning. All they want to do is teach you how to apply your make up. In the process, they will mention the cosmetics they use but there’s no coercion to buy.

When a prospect doesn’t feel pressured to buy, she relaxes and enjoys the process of learning how to apply make up properly. When she’s interested, she will ask about the cosmetics! It is always better to have a prospect ask you for your product than for you to keep pushing the product at her.

One of the golden principles of selling is this: you can’t hurry a sale and you can’t force people to buy. They buy on their own accord.

As marketers and entrepreneurs, our job is to help them as much as we can without that insistent pushiness that most marketers have.

Prospects can smell desperation and inauthenticity a mile away. You can’t attract them if you’re desperate or have a quota to hit. That’s why marketing is an on-going activity. It’s not something you do when you want a sale. Marketing needs to permeate your business 365/24/7.

It sounds quite Zen but it is true. Relax and the prospect will also relax. When he is relaxed, he is more open to what you have to say.

So if you’re a marketer/entrepreneur, learn how to attract prospects and get them to come to you naturally. It starts with having the right mindset about marketing and learning that marketing is not a 100m sprint but a 42km marathon.

You want a customer for life, not just a one-time sale.

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