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UPDATE: Next year’s master class (7 October 2016) is now open for registration. Get the early bird rates at >>>

How do you get customers now?*
How do you prefer to get customers?
What marketing goals did you achieve this year?
What will you focus on next year?

If you have answers for the above questions, good for you. At least you know where you’re heading.

Many entrepreneurs don’t. They market as and when they wish, or when some idea hits them or when they see their competitors running aggressive campaigns.

They don’t have a marketing calendar**.

They don’t decide this year what events or programmes they’re having next year. They don’t block out their own time to work on their marketing. They don’t even look at their numbers.

They focus on tactics but don’t have a proper strategy in place.

Their answer is, “I’m too busy.”

They’re too busy running the day-to-day operations of their business and don’t stop to look up so that they can look beyond this year.

It is only when sales drop that they start running around like chickens wondering what to do.

Should they copy their competitors’ discounting tactic?

Should they run a sale or go to trade shows or do SMS blasting?

Here’s a tip: decide right now what you’d be doing next year. If you have a plan for your marketing, you will always feel in control.

This means blocking out dates and days for creating events, promotions, specials, festive celebrations. It also means blocking out product creation days, days to do nothing but just think as well as vacation days.

When you do this, you’re in control of your sales, what you’d be doing 3 months from now, how you want to promote your products and more.

If you don’t plan your life and business, others will plan them for you.

Everyone will lead you astray if you don’t start your year with a plan. When you have a plan, you run your own business life and you’re not led around by people with their own agendas. (You and I know there’s plenty of people like that, right?)

There’s no better freedom than being in control of your business, regardless of what your competitors are doing.

If you want your 2016 to be the year that you’ve envisioned and you have no idea how to start, we’d like to help you.

We’d be diving deep into product creation, client targeting, story crafting (yours, of course), strategies to create recurring revenue, Three Gate Marketing and the 7-Point System.

Plus VIP ticket-holders get a special one-on-one with us for another 4-hours to go through their 2016 plan in December too. Basically, you’re getting a full consult at a crazy affordable rate.

All this happens in our One Mountain One Dragon marketing master class this Friday, 20 Nov.

UPDATE: Next year’s master class (7 October 2016) is now open for registration. Get the early bird rates at >>>


* The above questions come from our specially created Business Reflection Guide for our master class participants this Friday. When you answer this guide (and more), you’re going to be in full control of your 2016 and know where you’re headed. No more guessing!

** Besides the One Mountain One Dragon workbook, you’ll get the marketing calendar that we ourselves use (our biggest secret yet). This helps you know what to say, when to say it, how to say it and where to say it for optimal leverage.

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