Have You Watched Nic’s Free Videos?

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Have you watched Nic’s video yet where he talks about the one missing ingredient in most small business marketing?

If you haven’t, check this out now. It’s free.

And there are 2 other videos too in this 3-part video series.

In video 2, Nic shares about

  • the most common mistake most entrepreneurs make without even realising!
  • how to talk about your product without annoying your prospects
  • the #1 thing you must do when you meet your prospects (and if you don’t do this, you’re not being smart about marketing)

If you’re in the service business, you must watch video 3 where Nic talks about

  • whether you’re running a business or if your business runs you
  • the most important currency in business (and no, it’s NOT money) and why it’s crucial to you
  • the fastest and most profitable way to grow your business especially if you’re in the service business

All 3 videos are free (for the time-being at least).

Check them out at http://onemountainonedragon.com

This is the place where we’d be teaching the One Mountain One Dragon system – the smarter marketing system to help small business owners get profitable, easily!

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