Now Open: Marketing Master Class on 20 Nov

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As many of you know, we teach marketing in our Marketing Mojo sessions, held once a quarter at China House Cafe.

However, 3 hours isn’t enough and many of you have said so. We can only teach or explain so much within a 3-hour span that includes ample networking (that’s what our guests like too). Many a time, our guests have asked us for more of such sessions – perhaps small group meetings or even consultation.

This time, we took all your feedback into consideration and realised it’s time to help you plan out your 2016 marketing.

That’s why we are organising a special full day marketing master class event for 20 people on 20 November at the E&O Hotel.

Consider Marketing Mojo an appetiser while this 20 November event the main course. We’ll show you what’s possible in your business plus add in some extra, never before revealed stuff about creating recurring revenue, creating products even if you’re in a service business, using specific methods to be magnetic to your prospects, using specific apps and tools to help you get more productive and more.

We know many of you want to close sales easily and stop doing things haphazardly.

We know you want to wake up feeling in control of your marketing and not feel helpless as you worry about what your competitor is doing.

We know you want to be distinct – to be seen and heard and to have people say that yes, they’ve heard about you or your business.

We’re going to teach you all these and more from the small business owner perspective.

Plus you’d be learning all 100% original material because it’s all derived from what we’ve learnt for ourselves for the last 17 years. It’s based on what we’ve seen, done and tried. It’s also based on the work and we’ve done for clients – from industries like engineering, food, cosmetics, travel and more.

At the end of this one-day event, you’ll go home with a master plan for your 2016 marketing. You’d know what marketing materials you need to create. You’d leave with confidence knowing how your 2016 is going to be. No more guessing, no more hoping.

More than that, you would have learnt not just tactics but one true strategy to guide your marketing efforts. You now understand how to merge your offline and online marketing efforts. You know how both complement each other and how to use both to help you get ahead of your competitors.

Most entrepreneurs are so busy that they never have time to sit and plan. They’re like hamsters running their wheels. If your efforts haven’t been as spectacular or if you feel your results can be so much better if only someone could guide you to see marketing for what it is, this is your chance.

What if you’re not an entrepreneur, but you work in sales or marketing? If you have some form of decision-making abilities for sales or marketing, do join us.

Some in direct selling and insurance have also asked us if it is suitable for them.

If you are in these industries, it’s even tougher to stand out from the rest of the people who sell the same thing as you. For instance, insurance is insurance is insurance so you definitely need to be a recognisable personality. How do you become a recognisable personality when you know people get turned off the moment you say you’re in “financial planning”?

Or if you’re in direct selling and you’re selling the same products as the other agents in the company. How do you ensure people remember you and buy from you even if it’s the same product at the same price point?

Discover what you’ll learn when you join us on 20 November (Fri) at the E&O Hotel.

UPDATE: Next year’s master class (7 October 2016) is now open for registration. Get the early bird rates at >>>




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