How To Craft A Compelling Story For Your Business

storytelling for marketing


“We’ve been getting so many inquiries that we have a waiting list of 2 months for our customers!”

The above comes totally unsolicited from J Life Global, a newly setup KL skincare manufacturer whom we designed a website for.

“One customer came all the way from Iran after viewing our website. He was so impressed by what he read on our website that he decided to fly into Malaysia to talk to us about creating his own line of skincare.”

One of the reasons why our custom websites are successful is because of stories.

These days, without a solid story, it’s hard to get your business noticed in a noisy, cluttered marketplace.

A story makes you special and makes you worth buying from.

These days, your story is your calling card. We’ve been helping clients create their own stories, real ones, mind you for the longest time.

A story is “born” when you take your experience and background and marry that with your unique abilities or super power. For instance, in the J Life Global story, we took Wai Peng’s experience as a successful spa owner and her desire to create natural skincare as the basis of the story for her website.

The story has to be authentic – you can’t make up a story either because once you get found out, all your credibility flies out of the door.

Your story also has to match your values and principles.

What you believe must be in sync with what your story is about. In Wai Peng’s case, she believed in clean eating, yoga and meditation and these values of good health permeate the story in her website.

Once you pin down your story, you can start telling and re-telling your story to prospects and customers. The story helps you stay memorable and helps you stick in your prospects’ minds.

Many a time, businesses can’t seem to get people to notice them because they’re trying too hard and they lack a proper story (and they usually indulge in what we call self-centred marketing where the flyer is all about THEM, THEM and THEM. Honestly, do you care?)

Whether you call it a brand story or just a story, you can’t be in business today if you don’t know how to craft and re-tell your story. People don’t just buy your products or services; they buy your story first. If they buy your story, you have an easier time selling.

When you join us this 20 November for our master class, this is what you’ll learn. You’ll learn how to craft your own story so that it becomes your core message that you can use to persuade and win over prospects.

When we design custom websites, we charge RM20,000 upwards because we have to strategize the story with the client and build that into the website. As J Life Global and many other clients have proven, our methodology works.

This master class won’t cost you RM20,000.

Not even RM10,000.

In fact, it’s only RM1,280 (early bird rate valid till 30 March) for 1 whole day where you get access to us and get guidance to create your own story and more.

Some people can spend RM10,000 on a 3-day expo where they’d be standing at least 8 hours talking to people who might not even be prospects but competitors!

Others can spend RM5,000 on printing flyers and distributing it all across their town hoping that somehow people will read their flyers and buy their stuff. (Do you know that most people trash the flyers they get in their post boxes? I am sure you throw the junk away too!)

Some people create digital posters with cheesy taglines hoping they’d catch the eye of their prospects.

You can do all that, but you can’t get attention without a story.

People repeat stories. They don’t repeat marketing slogans.

Without a story today, your marketing is going nowhere.

And you’d still be doing expos and distributing flyers 5 years from now and wonder why things haven’t changed.

If you’re thinking there’s a better way, yes, it’s about the story.

No one out there is going to help you, the small business owner, with your story. Go to an advertising agency and see how much they’re going to quote you for helping you develop your brand story.

We’ve been helping small business owners for 18 years.

When you join our master class,  you can be sure you’ll go home with your own story. One that you can use for all your future marketing.

UPDATE: This year’s master class (7 October 2016) is now open for registration. Get the early bird rates at >>>

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