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As a copywriter for the longest time, I am often amused when most people look at me in horror when I tell them that they can write for their websites.

Most people don’t consider themselves writers. They don’t know where to start. They don’t know what to write. Their fingers freeze on the keyboard and they sit staring at the monitor, unable to type even a sentence.

It’s strange but true that people find writing one of the most difficult tasks ever! 

Speaking/talking is easier. You just shoot your mouth off. It doesn’t need much thought.

But writing is a different kettle of fish. You need to assemble your thoughts. You need to logically think through it all before tapping out something on the keyboard. You cannot lie through writing because you can read and re-read those sentences and find yourself chuckling or writhing in embarrassment. And the word lives on even when you’re long gone.

If you are tasked with the unenviable chore of writing something/anything for your business or company website, here are my 7 golden tips on making the task as easy and as pleasant as possible.

1. Collect materials which provide you with information.
Start off with flyers, brochures, reports and even news written about you or your company.

2. Read through all these materials to get an idea of what the business is about.
As you read, jot down ideas or categories. Categorise your information into web pages. Common pages for websites include Home, About, Contact, Products or Services. Additional pages may include FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Media, Why Us, Our Story, Pricing, Packages, News, Events, How to Order, Distributors, Wholesale, Testimonials, Case Studies etc.

3. Think like a potential customer.
What would a POTENTIAL CUSTOMER want at your website? What type of problem does he or she have? If you say that there is no problem, then you need to find one. We are always looking for a solution to our problems. If you can’t find one, you need to re-read your business materials! (If there is no problem, then you can’t be the solution-provider can you?)

4. Start writing.
It can be on paper or it can be on your PC. Either way, just write. Don’t worry about spelling mistakes or grammar. This will be your first draft. You can polish it later. Write according to the pages you’ve decided on. For instance, if you have an About Us page, start writing the content for your About page. Don’t jumble it up. It’s much easier to write page per page!

5. Review other websites. 
If you are still unsure, review websites that you like, paying close attention to how they write. I do not recommend this unless you really do not know how to start writing because you would probably end up with other people’s style and lingo. That’s not what you want. You want to be yourself. You want to write from the heart too. You don’t want something which even you yourself would not read.

6. Stay away from your writing once you’re done.
Take a day off. Come back to your work with fresh eyes and then you will see that your draft needs to be improved. It could be typos, grammar… maybe even additional information you missed out.

7. To further polish your writing, read it aloud.
First to yourself, then to a friend. Be critical. Does it sound like you? Or does it sound fake? Do you understand what you’ve written? If you can’t, it’s time to be merciless and trim the fat. Cut out unnecessary information. Rewrite if you need to. Stop only when you are completing satisfied!

As you can see, writing is about writing and re-writing!


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