First Periscope at Marketing Mojo

We did something totally unprecedented this week at Marketing Mojo Meetup at China House Cafe. We tried out our first Periscope!

marketing event in penang by redbox studio

Now for those of you don’t know, Periscope is still very new. It’s a live streaming app that hooks up to Twitter. So if you have a Twitter account (like us), then it’s just a matter of downloading the app and broadcasting live to the world.

We’ve watched more than a few Periscopes before (they’re called “scopes” for short) and some are exciting while others are just plain boring!

So what we did on Wednesday was do a live scope at China House Cafe before we started and showed the world a little bit of Penang.

business networking in penang

People who followed us could log on to view the live stream as we broadcasted and even leave comments and give us “hearts”. We are super excited at the possibilities of this app.

We’ll blog more about scopes later – as you can see, we love testing out new stuff and apps so that we can help you, the small business owner, get on top of things and more importantly, learn how to use these new cool apps for your business.

As always, our event always has new faces despite our wonderful regulars (we call them our super fans).

nic of redbox studio conducting marketing mojo in penang

Nic elaborated on why you should just focus on the people who buy from you instead of people who never buy (or running after them and keep asking them why they don’t buy – the truth is, they will never give you the honest answer!).

He also talked about our One Mountain One Dragon system which explained about the different categories of businesses. If you have a business, you could choose to be a “me too” business, “you’re available” business, “you’re the expert” business or “you’re the hero” business.

penang business networking

At the very top, there’s the “you’re the hero” business (with no competition) while at the very bottom, the “me too” business or “you’re available” businesses with lots of competition and little profit margin. Where you choose to be is up to you but from our experience, it’s less frustrating and less stressful at the top! The profits are much better and one works less, instead of more! Your clients are not as demanding either. It’s a strange thing.

When clients pay more, they tend to leave it to you, the expert, to help them. When clients pay little, they are fussier, demand a lot and act as if they’re the experts! Don’t believe us?

Look at your own business. If you have different price ranges and package offerings, you’d be able to see this at work quite clearly. Those who agree to pay more for what you do often treat you better and leave you to do your best work for them.

Those who drive a hard bargain, always ask for discounts and like to take advantage of everything are the ones who will always ask you to throw in many extras, want to check your work and say things like “If you do a good job, I’ll refer others to you”. Beware of these people. As they say, birds of the same feather flock together so if the client is a miser, his friends are also misers and you’ll have a miserable time!

While everyone aspires to be the expert or hero business, everyone can’t just zip up the “mountain”.

Your products/services and knowledge have to be elevated as well. Before you say, “Well, I’d like to be an expert business”, understand that you have to be the expert.

And this is not the “fake it till ya make it” act. You have to polish up your knowledge and improve your product or services offerings so that a clear distinction or a huge gap exist between you and the nearest provider.

business network penang

You also have to raise your own internal beliefs about your abilities. Many business owners are worried about standing out, being radical, not fitting in and not being like everyone else. If you want to be an expert business or hero business, you will stand out. You and your business will be in the spotlight and yes, you will encounter critics and green-eyed monsters.

Let’s say you want to be an expert business or hero business owner. How do you start? What must you do?

You must first improve your product or service. You can’t be an expert if you have mediocre stuff.

marketing class in penang

This leads us to the upcoming topic of our final Marketing Mojo of the year on 9 December. Nic will explain what you need to do to improve your product or service.

Why? Because you want better customers and profits. Because you want to be unique and different. Because it’s time you raised your game. Because it’s almost the end of 2015 and if you’re still stuck somewhere and flailing, you need help.

Join Us for Our Final Session in December

If you’d like to learn how to improve your product in a step-by-step how-to, grab your seat at our 9 December Marketing Mojo Meetup. As our past few events have shown, we’re maxed out most times so grab your seat fast. And it’s only RM75!


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