Why We’re Going For Bersih

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Nic and I will be in KL this weekend and we are going to do the BERSIH march.

Do wish us luck and do pray for us! Do leave a message for us on our Facebook page if you can.

We really hope to be back in Penang in one piece and safely of course. We’re anticipating massive crowds but we also know it’s not a walk in the park.

We have to be adequately prepared for all emergencies.

You must be thinking that we’re crazy.

Maybe we are. Maybe we’re just frustrated like many Malaysians today.

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And with a little prologue:

I live in Penang but I will be joining Bersih KL with my husband. To those who understand, no explanation is needed. To those who don’t, every excuse is unearthed. To each, her own. In 50 years’ time, I hope I can reminisce about that special moment in history – that moment that I chose to do something when my country is ailing. This is what Merdeka means to me.

Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka! (The real one.)



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