Here’s The New Facebook Like Box

Did you know that Facebook Like box has a new visual appearance?

If you have a Facebook Like box embedded within your own website, you’d see that the old Like box design has been replaced by a more contemporary look.

Basically it uses your Facebook cover photo now instead of the signature blue bar that’s synonymous with Facebook.

While the changes are great, here’s the thing.

This is where website management is important. Whenever new changes are implemented by third parties such as Facebook, website design layouts are affected.

See the screenshot below.

New Facebook like box changes
New Facebook like box changes

This is a screenshot of our client’s website, J Life Global. They are a skincare and cosmetic manufacturer based in Kuala Lumpur.

Before the new Facebook Like box design, the old Facebook Like box was embedded perfectly into the white box. As you can see, their design colour was a chocolate brown to match the concept of all natural and green cosmetic and skincare that they were offering.

Right now, with the Like box size shrinking, the design looks a little skewed and definitely needs fixing. Notice more white space around the smaller sized Like box?

And here’s the part where if you own a website, you need someone (usually the team or web designer who built your website for you) to adjust to the new changes.

At Redbox Studio, we monitor and check our clients’ websites regularly to see if things need fixing or design needs adjustment.

Website management isn’t just about updating new items into your website. It also means being attentive to (sudden) changes (like this Facebook Like box new size) to our clients’ websites and helping them adjust design and layout, ensuring things look good and tiptop always.

Website management is also about keeping clients’ websites free from all types of cyber attacks (which happen daily – it’s just that we “protect” their websites well from potential problems so clients never have to have a problem).

Don’t believe us? You don’t have to. Just check out the daily digital attack map which shows you in real-time the kinds of cyber threats that’s hammering your website every single day!

Fundamentally that is what you pay for, as client, for website management. We’re your website managers and cyber protectors to help you keep your website safe and spiffy.

When you pay for good management, you get to present a secure website and brand to the world.

At Redbox Studio, we take good care of our clients’ websites via a monthly website management and cyber security protection plan so that the websites help our clients attract the customers they want. Note that we only manage websites which we design. 

Interested to know more? See what our clients about us or download our free report to find out more. 

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