Gynaecologist’s Website Case Study

Dr Somas has become a good friend over the years. He even attended our book reading during the 2017 MYWriters Fest at Hin Bus Depot, George Town.

A Penang gynaecologist, Dr Somaskandar Sivasuntharam, uses a website to attract pre-qualified patients who know about him even before they step into his clinic. 

The Problem He Faced:

Dr Somaskandar is good at what he does as an expert in women’s health issues. At the hospital where he worked, he was unfortunately just another gynaecologist on the list of 7 gynaecologists!

He also knew he could no longer rely on the hospital to promote his services. As more and more new doctors joined the medical industry, it was getting harder and harder to be distinct.

He needed to find a way to get his own patients. He also knew he had limitations as a doctor when it came to advertising. He could not be advertising the way a retailer could as he was a doctor.

He realised he could use a website to educate his prospective patients yet stand out more in the eyes of women who were already online and googling for gynaecologists.

Basically, Dr Somas needed to be online to capture this growing segment.

The Solution:

When Dr Somas approached us at Redbox Studio, he said he wanted to use a website to help him market his services but at the same time, he didn’t want to flout the law. (Medical practitioners aren’t allowed to advertise.) When we first did a search using his name on Google, it was disappointing. He was clearly not visible online.

“What I valued the most ­ basically it’s easy as I am not a very high-­end IT ­person but they were able to make life easy for me, bringing it down to basic layman language,” said Dr Somas.

We advised him that he needed to stay away from a typical doctor’s website. A typical doctor’s website is dry, highly technical (full of medical jargon) with perhaps a bare-bone listing of the doctor’s services.

Based on our 22 years of experience in web design and marketing, we knew this would never work.

To his credit, Dr Somas was open enough to try something new. He trusted us to strategise for him. We proposed that he focused his website on meeting the needs of one key category of patients – women who wanted to get pregnant.

Essentially, we built him a marketing tool which is heavy in content and specific to women who were planning their pregnancy. The website is one that is not just about a doctor who can assist you if you’d like to get pregnant, it is also a website where you feel you know this doctor.

His website lets you know him as a person, not just as a fertility doctor who can help you get pregnant. We had to build the website around the engaging personality of Dr Somas yet convey that he has your best interests at heart. He is someone you’d want by your side whether you are trying to conceive or when you are in the delivery room!

At the same time, we were careful not to present unsubstantiated claims as Dr Somas is, after all, a medical professional. We had to be discerning in what we could write on his website as well as turn the medical content into reader-friendly articles. On top of this, we needed to ensure that we researched and used the right keywords on his website to ensure his website would rank excellently in Google.

The Results:

The results have been phenomenal.

Month after month Dr Somaskandar is seeing an increase of women patients who are finding him online and immediately scheduling an appointment to meet him.

In August 2012, Dr Somas was a virtual unknown in cyberspace. Google, Bing and Yahoo didn’t know his existence.

In January 2013, Dr Somas’ website could be found using these search terms: “dr somas”, “best gynae in penang”, ““gynaecologist penang” and many more terms related to fertility and pregnancy.

It took just 6 months to get him visible online based on the website strategy we designed for him. Most websites need up to a year before they could see any results (when this happens, your web provider often suggests that you advertise online, just so that your website shows up!)

He has more than recouped his initial investment in his website.

He often tells his friends that he managed to buy his new BMW because of his booming medical practice, thanks to the enquiries coming directly from his website!

His website ranks number one on the first page of Google organically when you search for “Dr Somas” or “gynaecologist penang” or “best gynae in penang”.

He received a call from a doctor in Malacca who was highly impressed and wanted to know which company he used to get his website done. In fact, he has received many compliments from his colleagues about his website.

He has referred his colleagues to us happily and two of them have in turn become Redbox Studio clients. He has hired an additional nurse to help with the additional patients.

He gets women making appointments (either through email or calling his nurse) after they find his website, read through it and are convinced he is able to help them with their fertility issues. He was surprised and pleased that it was through his website that a famous footballer’s wife became his patient.

An American woman who was visiting her mother in Penang found his website while surfing and decided to visit him for a surgical procedure. (See video below for the story.)

Besides the website, we’ve also advised him how he should use his Facebook page to further promote his fertility services. We continue to manage his website for him and offer helpful marketing ideas.

“Consider using Redbox Studio ­ they are very good and they’re very professional. It’s worth the price that you pay because you are guaranteed good services and good things in return,” he said.

He added, “I knew I made the right choice in choosing Redbox Studio as my website provider!”

Check out Dr Somas’ website at:

Update: We love creating opportunities with our clients. During the pandemic lockdown in Malaysia, we took this opportunity to further highlight his medical practice by doing a FB Live with Dr Somas. 

If you’re a doctor who is very good at what you do but find it hard to get visible online or attract patients, consider working with us at Redbox Studio.

We start with a discovery session to find out where your strengths are and what your patients could be looking for. After this session, you can decide how and when to move forward with the development of your online marketing ecosystem which starts with a website of your own. 

If you are not ready yet to market yourself online, here’s how we can still help you:


Email from Dr Somas about his website and potential collaborations all the way from New Delhi, India.

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