Celebrating Your First Client

We wrote this in 2005 (yes, that long ago). It’s worth re-posting because it’s an oldie but a goodie. 


client success stories
Remember that feeling? It’s more than just the money.

Can you remember your first client?

Can you remember when it happened? How it happened?

More importantly, how YOU felt about it?

For us, every client is important and worth the effort. Because we are in the business of providing websites that work as our clients’ best sales machine, we love to hear their success stories.

After all, clients come to us because they want to get more business.

More business = more clients.

But if they have just started out online, they feel a bit afraid. Unsure of how to proceed. How do they go about learning the twists and turns of the web? The web and everything technological still induces fear in most people. Yes, even for the IT-inclined.

But we tell them: fear not. We can help. And we’re not some humongous (or cold) corporation whose faces you won’t see or know.

You will get to know us. Just ask our clients.

And we’re proud of being a small company. It means we can be there for clients and they can reach us and they won’t feel silly, stupid or embarrassed if they don’t understand certain IT stuff.

But what’s even better is that we enjoy celebrating our clients’ first clients.

Like last week.

We’d built a website from ground up for a client in KL. She had come to us via a good friend who is also our evangelist. 😉 She wanted a website to enable her to get new clients.

Her old website wasn’t pulling in the right business.

A few weeks after we finished the website for her, she had come online, via Messenger, bubbling with excitement! She had gotten her first client and what’s more, the client told her that he had chosen her because he was impressed with her website, its copy and more.

Like her, we were almost jumping up and down in glee. There’s nothing like celebrating your first client’s client!

And today, more great news!

Another client from KL had a website set up recently and just a couple of hours ago, she had received her first client from her spanking new website! This client immediately emailed us, excitement buzzing in every word of hers.

We remember our first client and how that first business made us feel.

Yes, you’re right.

We felt just like a million dollars.

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