How To Stand Out: Marketing Mojo Meetup #10

We were totally maxed out and more at this week’s Marketing Mojo Meetup session #10.

marketing workshop penang
Marketing Mojoers at our event on Wednesday

Usually we aim for 20 people but this time around, so many more wanted to join us so we opened up a couple more places.

Granted, it was a bit of a tight squeeze BUT we had a good mix of entrepreneurs from all backgrounds – honey producer, organic soya bean beverage producer, financial planners, skincare distributor, doctor, pharmacist, educators (early childhood and tuition centre), packaging designer, luxury watch specialist and more.

redbox studio marketing workshop penang

Nic started the group off with a game and the outcome was hilarious. One group’s solution was funny and creative, and included “boiling the robber in a wok”. This ice-breaker loosened everyone up and we were then off to our next section.

Nic spoke about the Before, During and After aspects of a sales event.

As with all our Marketing Mojo events, Nic ensures the participants have worksheets to fill up. There’s no point going home and thinking about things. You never do (trust us, we know).

business networking group penang

So participants broke up into teams of 4 each to help each other brainstorm a specific Before Sale event. The beauty of our marketing classes is that we want participants to feel abundant and generous. This starts by helping each other out. It’s not about you and your business but about thinking about the other person and assisting him or her.

This was how Gina, a pharmacist, ended up getting a potential million ringgit idea from Dr Khoo, one of our website clients. They sat and brainstormed and Dr Khoo advised her to focus her efforts on senior citizens who live in the middle-class residential area of Island Glades (where her City Wellness Pharmacy is located).

Another participant, PC Lee, also received a superb idea from Mardilyn who runs Seahome Kids Montessori as well as Busy Parents Circles. She advised him to start conducting seminars targeted at SME and SMI business owners as his business is about offering keyman insurance to protect businesses.

redbox studio marketing workshop penang
Meeting quality contacts is a must at our Redbox Studio event

This is the kind of brainstorms you’d get in our fun-filled environment. This is the kind of million ringgit idea you’d get when you are in a powerful network of generous business owners.

Nic also introduced the Double Tap technique that most people forget in every prospecting event. The Double Tap ensures maximum impact but a lot of people forget about doing it!

business networking group penang

And finally, he revealed 3 strategies to help the participants think about how they’d like to stand out in a saturated market.

Those who attended will be getting a special tip sheet on more of these strategies – another 10 more excellent strategies with examples and case studies. That’s why you need to attend our events because these are the valuable good stuff that we give out!

Do people make an effort to attend? Yes.

Jeanette told me she’d just landed in Penang that morning after flying back from Manila.

Kester and Wei Min who are our Redbox Easyweb clients cancelled their music classes just so they could attend.

Nicolee circled the busy Beach Street area for 50 minutes before finding a parking spot!

Dr Khoo, a client as mentioned, closed his GMC clinic for that afternoon just to attend and learn. Hee Ay and Janssen came all the way from Sungai Petani too.

If these folks can take their business seriously, you can too.

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