Can I Update My Website 4 Times A Year?

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Here’s a question someone asked us recently after getting our website design quotation for our customised website design. Each premium website built by us comes with a website management and maintenance package.

“I like your website design package. I like it that your website include sales psychology and custom writing in the form of storytelling. But I have a question. I doubt I have that many website updates in a year. Can I do away with the monthly website management and maintenance package or just update my website 4 times a year and be done with it?”

Here’s our answer.

Unlike most web designers, we don’t advocate updating periodically. Updating 4 times a year is not going to help your website or your image online.

Here’s why.

Updates 4 times a year is the reason why most websites perform so poorly (not visible in search engines, no leads, no prospects, no enquiries – in short, a complete waste of money).

And it is not the business owner’s fault because most web designers think updates just consist of changes to the content (add, change or remove text and images).

To us, these are traditional updates but there are better things to update your website with.

In order for your website to perform at its best, you need to show on your website how your business is better.

You can do this by updating your News section monthly.

Demonstrate to your prospects that you are simply the better business – from the new clients you’ve netted, to the solutions you’ve proposed and implemented for your clients or the money you’ve saved for your clients or the convenience you’ve offered.

Or if you have articles to educate your prospects – please include these too.

All this should be showcased on your website in your News section. Hence the need for monthly updates.

The updates that you’re used to doing are not what we mean by updates. We mean news and stories to share with your website visitors.

When you update your website with this kind of news (not just adding or deleting information to the existing pages), you are telling the search engines that you are current and updated. This helps you rank higher on specific keywords. This saves you from having to advertise on Google.

The other thing is, the monthly fee you pay for the upkeep of your website also keeps your website free from spammers and hackers. You may not see it but every day, some bot or malicious programme is trying to disable your website or use your website for malicious purposes.

You don’t have to believe us. Just check out the different types of digital attacks that are happening daily online (see this global digital attack map). It is a dangerous world out there and even Google has come out with Google Shield to protect websites from being hammered.

Small websites are particularly vulnerable and this is where cyber security plays an important role within our website management package.

Considering all of the above, you’d see clearly that a website management and maintenance fee is more than needed when you have a website.

A Redbox Studio website is the start of your online marketing strategy, one that most of your competitors will never know about.

Imagine getting a client directly as a result of your website.

How much is that client worth to you?

For many of our own website clients, all they need is 1 customer and they’ve pretty much covered the entire year’s monthly maintenance and web hosting fees. Everything after that is pure profit. (Check out our clients)

And many of our clients get more than 1 customer so you can do the math on that.

I hope I have answered your question and I hope I have shown you that it is imperative to have a proper website management and maintenance package.

A website is an investment for your business. Make sure you have the proper steps in place to help you safeguard your investment.


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