Updated:11 + 2 Useful Apps You Simply Must Have For Your Business

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Update: In view of the coronavirus or COVID19 when people are encouraged to work from home, these apps will definitely be useful for everyone, not just business owners. 

Productivity is crucial when you run a small business. We understand because we’re a small business too.

So here’s a collection of some useful apps which we’ve used and find them absolutely indispensable to our daily work. Know that whatever apps we share, we’ve used them extensively. Just so you know.

Payment Provider
If you’re a Malaysian business and engaged in selling your products or services online (e-ticketing, product sales, donations, etc.) and want to receive money without using international payment providers, try Billplz. It’s a Malaysian company that helps you connect to banks easily.

Billplz is similar to PayPal but unlike Paypal which charges a percentage commission per transaction, the Billplz folks take a flat rate of RM1.50 each time from you when your customer uses its service to pay you money, regardless of the amount transacted (we know, you’re now jumping for joy). It’s connects to all major banks in Malaysia.

Free Stock Photos
We were recently contacted by Canva to add one more really helpful resource to our list of 11 apps. If you’re looking for stock photos for your website, here are some free images you can use. Check out their free stock photos and never fear that you don’t have a photo ever to use in your website or Canva graphic.

Another good site is Kaboompics for royalty-free photos you can use for your website and more. 

Design Tool for Non-Designers
If you want an alternative to Canva, try Stencil. It’s touted to be faster than Canva. We use both so we’re really not sure which is better! 

Do you know that people love sharing inspirational quotes on social media? Create some of your own with this tool.

For a daily reminder to keep you on track, this is the software you need. Set it up and it emails you to remind you of what you need to do. Another good one that keeps you focused on your daily to-do’s is Momentum which sits in your Chrome browser. 

Social Media Management
When you’re on Facebook and Twitter like us, you can’t be logging into each one to update one by one. Here’s a faster way. Use a social media dashboard to help you manage all your social media accounts in one place. 

Got a presentation in Powerpoint or Keynote that you want to share? Use Slideshare, the world’s largest community for sharing presentations and other professional content. Easily upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and webinars. Use this to share your expertise on your product/service and have it reach all corners of the globe too. 

Most Powerpoint presentations look sloppy and boring especially if you use too many stick figurines! Time to change things up. Add some jaw-dropping wow into your next presentation with Prezi.  

Link Shorteners
We’ve all had this problem especially when we want to share an interesting article or a website but the link is so long, you can’t even see the end of it in the URL window. Bitly is a nifty site that will put an end to insanely long links.

Another link shortener that we enjoy using is Bit.do as you can create your own link branding even as you shorten it. This is our personal preference for now. 

We love making mind maps because looking at our ideas visually seem to make it all more comprehensible! Create mind maps about everything and anything at mind42.com or if you want to raise your game, try Lucidchart.com 

Empty That Inbox
Ever feel like your inbox is out to get you? This fun app hands out points for clearing your inbox as quickly as possible. Accept the challenge and win a clean inbox. Game on! 

Quiz Maker
Everyone loves fun quizzes. Here’s a quick and fuss-free way for you to create an online quiz for your customers. When you create a quiz, you are doing two things: you are educating your customers what they don’t know but should and you get information what they know and don’t know about. This helps you plan what you can offer your customers based on their answers in the quiz! 

Books and Knowledge
Love reading? We do! In fact you should see our overflowing book shelf at home. If physical books aren’t your thing and you prefer to read online or listen to audio books, start your free trial at Scribd where you can access thousands of books, audio books, magazines, documents and published materials. Read and listen to your heart’s desire! 


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  1. Some very interesting sites. We also have a tool called Creately which you can use to create mind maps and many other diagram types. Additionally we have some unique productivity features like 1-click create and connect which will be very helpful for businesses that are looking to cut down the time spend on diagramming.


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