Don’t Want To Lose Your Hard-Earned Website Ranking? Here’s What You Must Know

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Did you know about Google’s new algorithm update for mobile websites and how it affects your website?

The Google Mobile update happened recently on 21 April and is advantageous to websites with mobile-friendly pages.

When you use your smartphone to search in Google, you’ll see that Google will tag some websites as “mobile friendly”.

Accessing a mobile-friendly website means you don’t have to pinch or zoom to read what’s on the website. All the photos and text render beautifully, fitting your mobile screen perfectly as you scroll.

Is Your Website Affected?

To find out if your website is mobile-friendly, here are 2 ways:

1. Search for your own website using your smartphone and find out if there’s a Mobile-Friendly tag on the search results. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you seriously need to do something about it as you are going to lose traffic and ranking.

2. Use this Google Mobile Friendly Tool to check:

Mobile-friendliness is one of the signals for Google to rank your website. That’s why this Google update is called Mobilegeddon (Mobile + Armageddon) because it spells disaster for website owners who are not paying attention to their mobile users. Your traffic and ranking are reduced if you don’t have a mobile website version.

But I Have A Mobile Version!

If you think you already have a mobile version and are safe, think again.

Google recommends that you use only Responsive Web Design (RWD) meaning your website uses the same URL to get to your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone versions. The only thing that matters is that the display adjusts depending on the screen size.

With RWD, you only need to maintain one version of your site instead of two.

Some people now have 2 versions of their websites – a desktop version at and a separate mobile version at

With RWD, you’ll maintain only one site, such as and this one site works for both desktop and mobile.

And A Facebook Reminder…

The second thing that you should know about is that Facebook is cutting out organic posts from appearing on your fans’ Newsfeeds.

Facebook themselves admit it – your organic posts are reaching fewer and fewer people these days.

In Feb 2014 (yes that’s last year), according to a Social@Ogilvy analysis of more than 100 brand pages, organic reach hovered at 6 percent. So if you have 100 fans, only 6 fans will see what you post!

“Brands must now have Facebook down as a ‘paid channel’ on their marketing budget so they can work campaigns around this fact. The free ride and access to Facebook’s user base is coming to an end.” (Forbes article)

All Doom and Gloom?

No. You can do something about it.

We always say, own your own real estate online. If you don’t have website, you have to get one (Redbox Easyweb is a good, affordable option and it is mobile-friendly too).

Next, prepare to use Facebook as a pipeline to lead people back to your website. Don’t rely entirely on Facebook as your website.

Finally, learn how to post updates which engage your fans. We managed to get more than 90% organic reach for our own FB post so it’s not all a lost cause but you need to know HOW to engage especially WHAT to write. More of that good stuff coming soon so stay tuned!

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